Saturday, December 9, 2023
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Sophos Endpoint: Industry-leading protection against remote ransomware attacks

Most leading endpoint solutions struggle to stop malicious remote encryption, but not Sophos.

Sophos DNS Protection – Join the EAP

Calling all Sophos Firewall users! Join the Early Access Program for our new web protection service.

Cybercriminals can’t agree on GPTs

Despite concern over illicit applications of ChatGPT and similar models, Sophos X-Ops’ exploration of cybercrime forums suggests many threat actors are still skeptical – and wrestling with the same issues and problems as the rest of us

The Dark Side of AI: Large-Scale Scam Campaigns Made Possible by Generative AI

Generative artificial intelligence technologies such as OpenAI’s ChatGPT and DALL-E have created a great deal of disruption across much of our digital lives. Creating credible text, images and even audio, these AI tools can be used for both good...

AI regulation will begin in the EU

Enlarge / EU Commissioner Thierry Breton talks to media during a press conference in June. (credit: Thierry Monasse | Getty Images) European Union lawmakers have agreed the terms for landmark...
The Register

Competing Section 702 surveillance bills on collision path for US House floor

End-of-year deadline looms on US surveillance Two competing bills to reauthorize America's FISA Section 702 spying powers advanced in the House of Representatives committees this week, setting up Congress for a battle over warrantless surveillance before the law lapses...
Bruce Schneier

Friday Squid Blogging: Influencer Accidentally Posts Restaurant Table QR Ordering Code

Another rare security + squid story: The woman—who has only been identified by her surname, Wang—was having a meal with friends at a hotpot restaurant in Kunming, a city in southwest China. When everyone’s selections arrived at the table, she...

Stealthy Linux rootkit found in the wild after going undetected for 2 years

Enlarge Stealthy and multifunctional Linux malware that has been infecting telecommunications companies went largely unnoticed for two years until being documented for the first time by researchers on Thursday. Researchers...

Meta releases open-source tools for AI safety

The Purple Llama project aims to help developers build generative AI models responsibly.