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The Social-Engineer Podcast

Ep. 114 – Finding Love with Whitney Merrill

What do you get when you mix a lawyer, crypto junkie and a romantic together? Well, none other than our guest for this month, Whitney Merrill. – Feb 11, 2019 Contents Download Get Involved Download Ep. 114 – Finding Love with Whitney...
The Social-Engineer Podcast

Ep. 113 – Nutrition Facts for Online Information with Clint Watts

Misinformation is a powerful tool. As we enter 2019 we invite on a fascinating guest, Clint Watts, who has spend his career learning all about how to use it and how it is used. – Jan 14,...
The Social-Engineer Podcast

Ep. 112 – Catching Spies and Paying Parking Tickets with Joe Navarro

Almost 100 episodes have passed and we finally get one of our all time favorite guests back on the show – Joe Navarro. His new book is literally THE encyclopedia of body language and we must discuss it. Join...
The Social-Engineer Podcast

Ep. 111 – Crypto AI Blockchain Smoothies at Walmart with Nick Furneaux

What does crypto currency, blockchain, artificial intelligence and Walmart smoothies have to do with social engineering?  Join us this month as Nick Furneaux lets us know. Nov 12, 2018 Contents Download Get Involved Download Ep. 111 – Crypto AI Blockchain Smoothies at Walmart with...
The Social-Engineer Podcast

Ep. 110 – From SECTF to Pro SE with Whitney and Rachel

So many times we get asked how can you become a professional social engineer.  This month we talk to two amazing women who where never in the industry, took a huge risk and it paid off.  Join us in...
The Social-Engineer Podcast

Ep. 109 – Do You Remember a Jennifer with Ian Rowland

I sense there is something important in your life? Something that you will be listening to shortly that will change the way you view… everything.  Join us with Ian Rowland to find out what that is…  September 10, 2018 Contents Download Get...

Can you really sniff out gas station card skimmers with your phone?

A viral post suggests (wrongly) that card skimmers always use Bluetooth. Anyway, just looking at nearby Bluetooth names doesn't help much...

Canada Helping Australia Determine ‘Full Extent’ of Hack

Canada's electronic eavesdropping agency said Wednesday it is working with Canberra to try to determine the scale of computer hacking on Australia's parliament and political parties just months from an election. read more

Researcher: Not Hard for a Hacker to Capsize a Ship at Sea

Maritime transport still contributes in an important way to the world’s economy, with on-time shipments influencing everything from commodities availability and spot pricing to the stability of small countries. Unfortunately, capsizing a ship with a cyberattack is a relatively...
SC Magazine

30 years in: My, how SC and security have changed

1989. Acid wash jeans, Bon Jovi and the compassionate conservatism of the Reagan Era were actually, unironically popular. The Berlin Wall fell, free elections were held in the then Soviet Congress of Deputies, Vaclev Havel became president of Czechoslavakia,...

WinPot ATM Malware Resembles a Slot Machine

A piece of malware targeting automated teller machines (ATMs) has an interface that looks like a slot machine, Kaspersky Lab reports.  Dubbed WinPot, the malware was initially detected in March last year, targeting the ATMs of a popular vendor to...