Saturday, June 25, 2022

Why hasn’t the Advanced Encryption Standard(AES) never been compromised?

It’s believed the AES-256 is vulnerable if an attacker can access a user's key. This is why AES is just one aspect of keeping data secure. There has yet to be a single instance of AES-256 ever being hacked...

Let’s talk about OPSEC

For a couple of days, I've been trying to set up some good OPSEC, such as trying to get proxychains to work (this is pretty much all I've tried to do, other than research), and upon doing some research,...

Every open HP printer web interface on the net

Do NOT modify the dork string, just paste into google and hit search. For educational purposes only. Just saying. site:*.*.*.1 intitle:HP submitted by /u/mikeis075

Explained: The Inverse Finance Hack (June 2022)

submitted by /u/outlyingBurritos3805

Phone number lookup

Is there a way to find out who someone is from just a phone number? Name, social media. Anything? All I have is a phone number from WhatsApp and a picture. submitted by /u/SpinachWeird5295 ...

I made a script to brick any windows PC

Here is the link to the script So the way it works is lowering the system memory to very low so that windows is unable to boot once restarted. submitted by /u/Ambitious-Cod-7354 ...

Programming language for Offensive Security?

Hi, I'd love to learn one more programming language (in addition to Java which I am learning at University). That language must be suitable for offensive hacking. I am not familiar with criteria that one programming language must to...
Security Affairs

Multiple malicious packages in PyPI repository found stealing AWS secrets

Researchers discovered multiple malicious Python packages in the official PyPI repository stealing AWS credentials and other info. Sonatype researchers discovered multiple Python packages in the official PyPI repository that have been developed to steal secrets (i.e. AWS credentials and environment...

The Post-Roe Privacy Nightmare Has Arrived

Plus: Microsoft details Russia’s Ukraine hacking campaign, Meta’s election integrity efforts dwindle, and more.

How to Move Your WhatsApp Chats Across Devices and Apps

It's never been easier to switch between iPhone and Android—and to get your messages out of the Meta ecosystem entirely.
The Register

We’re now truly in the era of ransomware as pure extortion without the encryption

Why screw around with cryptography and keys when just stealing the info is good enough Feature  US and European cops, prosecutors, and NGOs recently convened a two-day workshop in the Hague to discuss how to respond to the growing...
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Learn NIST Inside Out With 21 Hours of Training @ 86% OFF

In cybersecurity, many of the best jobs involve working on government projects. To get a security clearance, you need to prove that you meet NIST standards. Cybersecurity firms are particularly interested in people who understand the RMF, or Risk Management...