Monday, September 23, 2019
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I want to email a work address, but they can’t receive external emails. Will spoof work?

Im trying to email someone on their work address. But they can only receive internal emails (emails from co-workers) If i spoof my email address, so it matches the work domain, will they receive my email?

Linus Torvalds blasts social media as a disease.

submitted by /u/tottocotunio

Learn Hacking Using Android From Scratch Download

submitted by /u/Joseph_S_Torgerson

How Edward Snowden Would Use A Smartphone

submitted by /u/lawls69

Google’s disingenuous blog post: “Building a more private web” or how Google wants to keep controlling the web

Google published a blog post on how they wish to make the web more private. I find the blog post disingenuous and misleading. Below are my comments on some of the statements Google team makes. "Privacy...

WordPress Editor to Administrator Privilege Escalation

submitted by /u/staz0t

Hong Kong protesters personal data leaked by Russian website

submitted by /u/mr-kashyap

India Is Planning a Huge China-Style Facial Recognition Program

submitted by /u/mynameisalex1

AT&T tells court: Customers can’t sue over sale of phone location data

submitted by /u/filthyheathenmonkey

‘Cheat Hacker’ Tells BBC he can make £1500 a week selling his games cheats

Decent wages for basic hacking! But with 50m players in his game alone (Rainbow 6) and lots of sneaky players, makes sense! submitted by /u/tides977 ...

The best thing I ever saw

submitted by /u/Schleim215
SC Magazine

Ning Wang – Offensive Security

Ning WangCEO Offensive Security Why Nominated: Ning Wang is a rising star has worked to break the boundaries in the security industry, so that people can see that anyone is capable of starting a career in cybersecurity and advancing it –...
SC Magazine

Dani Martínez – IOActive

Dani MartínezSecurity ConsultantIOActive Why nominated: Dani Martínez proved to be a self-starter, beginning his career in IT he soon developed an interest in cybersecurity and began taking online courses in his spare time. Martínez also dove write in and began a cybersecurity blog...
SC Magazine

Maurice Stebila – Harman, a Samsung Company

Maurice StebilaDigital Security,Compliance and Privacy OfficerHarman, a Samsung Company Why nominated: Maurice Stebila has spent more than 30 years in the automotive, manufacturing and financial services industry supporting two of the world’s largest companies – EDS/General Motors and Harman by Samsung...
SC Magazine

Ed Adams – Security Innovation

Ed AdamsPresident and CEOSecurity Innovation Why Nominated: A highly respected veteran of the cybersecurity industry, Security Innovation CEO Ed Adams has taken on several new leadership roles in the year or so. Last April, he was named to board of directors of...
SC Magazine

David Archer – Galois

David ArcherPrincipal scientistGalois Why Nominated: Archer, an advocate for preserving privacy of data even when it’s used in decision-making both within the U.S. at all levels of government as well as internationally, directs research in privacy-preserving information technologies. Profile:  David Archer is all...