Friday, November 15, 2019
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NYPD Forced to Destroy Illegally Stored Juvenile Fingerprints

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Iranian hacking group built its own VPN network

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Website storing plaintext passwords

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Bypass Win Defender by renaming executable

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Orcus RAT Author Charged in Malware Scheme

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We are Michael Coates and Rich Mason. We have served as Chief Information Security Officers at Twitter and Honeywell. Ask us anything about becoming a CISO.

We are: Michael Coates, CEO and co-founder of Altitude Networks, and former Twitter CISO. (u/_mwc) Rich Mason, President and Chief Security Officer, Critical Infrastructure, and Former Honeywell CISO. (u/maceusa) We have collectively served as Chief...

As 5G Rolls Out, Troubling New Security Flaws Emerge

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hacker:HUNTER "Cashing In", Episode 1: Jackpotting

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LINE Launches Public Bug Bounty Program on HackerOne

Japan-based communications company LINE Corporation today announced the launch of a public bug bounty program on hacker-powered pentest and bug bounty platform HackerOne. Launched in 2011, LINE has grown to become one of the largest social platforms in the world,...
The Register

Try as they might, ransomware crooks can’t hide their tells when playing hands

Sophos sees common behavior across various infections Common behaviors shared across all families of ransomware are helping security vendors better spot and isolate attacks.…

Google Chrome experiment crashes browser tabs, impacts companies worldwide

In what looks to be the Chrome team's biggest misstep, companies report massive outages caused by unannounced Chrome experiment.
SC Magazine

Threat actor impersonates German, Italian and American gov’t agencies to spread malware

Since October, a threat actor has been impersonating governmental agencies in phishing emails designed to infect American, German and Italian organizations with various forms of malware, including the Cobalt Strike backdoor, Maze ransomware and the IcedID banking trojan. Business and...

GitHub launches ‘Security Lab’ to help secure open source ecosystem

Fourteen companies unite get together to search, find, and fix security flaws in GitHub-hosted open source projects.