Sunday, June 20, 2021
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It is funny to watch how politicians got shocked when they learned Trump’s administration had ordered Apple to handover certain information about their online activities to the government, but they are a-okay when the...

Also almost every time when they are grilled about this Orwellian system that they have created in our world, they claim they do it to "protect children", yet they knew since Epstein's first arrest that he is running a...

New Klingon RAT, Written in GO, Holding on for Dear Life

submitted by /u/Milafasents

I want to turn my fingerprint sensor into a tiny touchpad.

I'm looking for pointers on how to accomplish this pretty specific thing, I know the fingerprint sensor is capable of tracking finger movement so Id like to write (or find) some software that could turn this capability into a...

Hacking 1998 Nokia

submitted by /u/lahegarty

Ransomware attack!!!

This morning, I received a call from my sister, who informed me that her computer had been attacked by ransomware, and that a payment of $700/$490 (within 72 hours) was needed for the key. I was able to trace...

I bought some pants today and the casher asked for my email before letting me pay..

It wasn't like "would you like to sign up for our newsletter?" or anything like that. He was just looking at the screen and be like "Ok, so for the pants it will be $50. Can I get your...

Virtual Machine Escape – gathering resources.

Hello there, As in the title - I am trying to gather as much resources about escaping from virtual machine/ctfs etc as I can. If you know any resources about this topic, or anything that explains how vms...

Follow up on previously found data breach

I am following up on this post I made here: I will write because I don't know how many they are, where, age, gender, group name, motive (apart from money), etc. I have had a phone call...

TryHackMe as a hobby worth it?

So I've recently found out about this sub and after browsing a lot of the posts, I learned about TryHackMe. I've subscribed to it, but don't want to get the premium as I'm not in this for the certification....

Quality Post

submitted by /u/urbanscouter

A short story about how I hacked my home router.

submitted by /u/elongl

The best way to tell that the Windows 11 leak is legit is the familiar invasion of privacy.

So, I heard about the leak, grabbed a torrent, and installed it in a VM. And the entire time, one thing was on my mind: SimpleWall. It's the only way I feel safe using Windows, but with this new...

Hit by a Ransomware Attack? Your Payment May be Deductible

As ransomware attacks surge, the FBI is doubling down on its guidance to affected businesses: Don’t pay the cybercriminals. But the U.S. government also offers a little-noticed incentive for those who do pay: The ransoms may be tax deductible. read...

A Bug in the Android Google App Put Privacy at Risk

Plus: Airbnb's safety squad, a fake pharmacy crackdown, and more of the week's top security news.

Why You Suddenly Need To Delete Google Maps On Your iPhone

Hundreds of millions of iPhone users should stop using Google Maps after radical new update...

Why You Should Stop Sending Texts From Your Android Messages App

Millions of you are still putting your security at risk. Here's the serious problem you have...

Major Cyberattack on Poland Came from Russian Territory: Kaczynski

A recent "large scale" cyberattack targeting top Polish politicians was launched from Russia, Jaroslaw Kaczynski, the leader of Poland's governing right-wing party, said on Friday. read more