Thursday, October 1, 2020
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Burp Bounty profiles compilation

Hi all, I have collected a lot of Burp Bounty profiles apart from some of my own, if you use this AWESOME Burp extension, feel free to use and contribute :) Link ...

Why privacy must be at the core of every tech product

submitted by /u/ratatitti

Social Engineering — The Art Of Hacking Humans

submitted by /u/CodePerfect

TorPi – Raspberry Pi Tor Access Point

submitted by /u/fire1ce

Cyberattack on UHS Hospitals Nationwide Last Night

Sorry everyone don’t know if this fits the subreddit, but all UHS hospitals nationwide in the US currently have no access to phones, computer systems, internet, or the data center. Does anyone know what could’ve possibly caused...

OpenSSH 8.4 released September 27, 2020

submitted by /u/Mcnst

Reverse Engineering USB Protocol (Samsung DeX)

Hello All, I am looking for help from the experts. If you own a high end Samsung Phone, you may be familiar with Samsung DeX. Based on my research, Samsung launches DeX on a virtual display on...

Android phone automatically installs chrome and Google Photos over night.

Hi, so, I recently installed a custom rom but everyone who tried to contact me said that my phone kept saying that I was unreachable even though I had a full network coverage on my phone. So,...

Online Exam required me to turn on mic/camera, but there was no prompt for me to click. Worried about them spying on my mic/camera in the futture.

All right. Today I did online test for a job application at the National Bank of my country. I knew before that I was required to "turn on the webcam and mic" during the test to prevent...

Best Affordable RF tool for beginners?

I was looking online in order to learn radio frequency hacking, suck as doing replay attacks and just hacking in general. I see that a lot of people online favor the Hackrf ($300) device a lot. I...

Gitjacker: Leak git repositories from misconfigured websites

submitted by /u/pope_friction

When Coffee Machines Demand Ransom, You Know IoT Is Screwed

A researcher reverse engineered an internet-connected coffee maker to see what kinds of hacks he could do with it. The answer: quite a lot.

Russian Gets 7 Years in Prison for Linkedin, Dropbox & Formspring Hacks

A Russian man received a seven-year prison sentence for having hacked into computers belonging to LinkedIn, Dropbox and Formspring. On September 30, Honorable William H. Alsup, U.S. District Judge for the Northern District of California, sentenced Yevgeniy Alexandrovich Nikulin,...
Bruce Schneier

Detecting Deep Fakes with a Heartbeat

Researchers can detect deep fakes because they don’t convincingly mimic human blood circulation in the face: In particular, video of a person’s face contains subtle shifts in color that result from pulses in blood circulation. You might imagine that these...

Anthem to Pay Nearly $40M Settlement Over 2015 Cyberattack

Health insurer Anthem has agreed to another multimillion-dollar settlement over a cyberattack on its technology that exposed the personal information of nearly 79 million people. read more

#BeCyberSmart – why friends don’t let friends get scammed

Friends don't let friends get scammed. Because cybercrime hurts us all.