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Unsupervised Learning

Every week Daniel Miessler spends 5-20 hours consuming books, articles, and podcasts in the areas of Security, Technology, and Humans. He then takes that content and curates it into a concise, 30 minute summary that’s ready for you every Monday morning.

Unsuperivsed Learning Podcast

Unsupervised Learning: No. 182

The US is supposedly ramping up attacks against Russian power grid through the use of new cyberattack powers granted by Trump. I am happy to hear of this, but it's an example of where we as outsiders can only...
Unsuperivsed Learning Podcast

Unsupervised Learning: No. 181

Some absolutely fascinating research has just come out on what percentages and types of vulnerabilities are actually exploited in the wild. It found that only 5.5% of vulnerabilities discovered between 2009 and 2018 were actually exploited, with most of...
Unsuperivsed Learning Podcast

Grit is the Ultimate Privilege

An argument that we should acknowledge grit as one of the most powerful causal factors in success, and figure out ways to bring its benefits to everyone.Support the show.
Unsuperivsed Learning Podcast

Why Software Remains Insecure

A concise explanation of why software continues to have security and quality problems after decades of supposedly trying to address the problem.Support the show.
Unsuperivsed Learning Podcast

Unsupervised Learning: No. 179

The Deepfakes thing is already starting to have an impact, and it didn't even involve actual Deepfake (GAN ML) technology. A video was spread of Nancy Pelosi speaking very slowly and seeming to stumble over her words, which made...
Unsuperivsed Learning Podcast

Unsupervised Learning: No. 178

Trump has semi-banned the use of foreign telecom gear, which is really a direct shot at Huawei and China. moreBaltimore’s IT systems are still being held hostage after 2 weeks. Of all the cities in the world that I could...
Unsuperivsed Learning Podcast

Unsupervised Learning: No. 177

My Takeaways from the 2019 DBIR Report My Summary The ReportThe DOJ has unsealed the indictment against those who they believe hacked Anthem in 2015, and they are Chinese Nationals. They didn't reveal the suspected motive, however. But as I wrote...
Unsuperivsed Learning Podcast

Finding Clarity on the Exodus of the New Left

A short essay that attempts to wrap a simple narrative around what's happening with the exodus of the New Left, and what it's doing to the moderate left, center, and right that they left behind.Support the show.
Unsuperivsed Learning Podcast

Unsupervised Learning: No. 175

Deepfakes are about to seriously erode our collective ability to tell truth from fiction, and this is already a big enough problem without them. Think of every problem you care about, and realize this represents an exponent on each...
Unsuperivsed Learning Podcast

A Political Discussion with Jeremiah Grossman

Today's standalone episode of Unsupervised Learning is a political conversation with Jeremiah Grossman, who many of you will know as the founder of Whitehat Security, current CEO of BitDiscovery, Jujitsu Blackbelt, and all-around great individual. In this episode, however, we’re...
Unsuperivsed Learning Podcast

Unsupervised Learning: No. 173

Amazon has many thousands of people doing quality control on Alexa, meaning that they're listening to incoming audio captured on Echo devices. This shouldn't be surprising. The question is how they're doing it, and what policies they have around...
Unsuperivsed Learning Podcast

Unsupervised Learning: No. 171

Mastercard is looking to create a Digital ID service that can bind your digital presence to your mobile device, which will be able to verify you to various services. Palantir has won an $800 million contract to build the...
Unsuperivsed Learning Podcast

Unsupervised Learning: No. 169

Multiple governments have now blacklisted Huawei, which Huawei seems very confused by. The best explanation I've heard so far about why this move makes sense for western countries came from Rob Joyce of NSA. He basically said that just...
Unsuperivsed Learning Podcast

Unsupervised Learning: No. 167

This is a description of cyberwar that sounds quite realistic to me, and it's based around the thousand-cuts idea. Ring Doorbells have a vulnerability that allows one to capture clear-text videos and other data from the cameras if you...
Unsuperivsed Learning Podcast

Unsupervised Learning: No. 165

OpenAI text spoofing, Twitter DMs, Chinese tracking database, Ponemon Cyber Risk Score, Technology News, Human News, Ideas Trends & Analysis, Discovery, Recommendations, and the Weekly Aphorism…Support the show.

How AI-enhanced malware poses a threat to your organization

Malware controlled by artificial intelligence could create more convincing spam, avoid security detection, and better adapt itself to each target, says a new report from Malwarebytes.

Tech news roundup: HPE Discover 2019, Facebook’s Libra cryptocurrency, and Google Cloud’s debacle

This week's TechRepublic and ZDNet news stories include a look at the companies that hire the most data scientists, four significant impacts of a security breach, and a first-hand account of a major hack job.
SC Magazine

ACLU tells Ga. Supreme Court Fourth Amendment should apply to personal data stored by cars

Fourth Amendment protections should apply to personal data in a car’s Event Data Recorder, the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) will argue before the Georgia Supreme Court today. The state’s high court is hearing oral arguments in Mobley v. State, which challenges law...
PC Mag

Can Anything Protect Us From Deepfakes?

Along with fake news, forged videos have become a national security concern, especially as the 2020 presidential elections draw near. Researchers at the University of Surrey have developed a solution that might solve the problem.

How Hackers Emptied Church Coffers with a Simple Phishing Scam

Cyber thieves aren't bound by a code of ethics. They look for weak targets and high rewards, which is exactly what Saint Ambrose Catholic offered.