Friday, June 5, 2020

Weekly Update 194

Cybersecurity Blogger Awards; HIBP Wiped a Ticketing System with a SQLi Email; The MPD “Hack” (that wasn’t); The “Lead Hunter” Breach; Sponsored by NordVPN

Weekly Update 193

The Privacy Impact of Returning to Restaurants Post COVID-19; HIBP “Fan Mail”; 6 New Data Breaches in HIBP; Sponsored by NordVPN

Weekly Update 192

I Got a Hair Cut; COVID-19 Stats in Australia; The “db8151dd” (Covve) Data Breach; How I Feel About Online Conferences; Sponsored by NordVPN

Weekly Update 191

COVID-19 Stats in Australia; Dev Around the Sun and Microsoft Build; Ubiquiti G4 Pro Cameras; The Surface Facade of Success; Sponsored by NordVPN

Weekly Update 190

COVID-19 Stats in Australia; Bluetooth Usage Poll; 4 New Data Breaches; Helping People Who’ve Been “Hacked”; HIBP Stats; Sponsored by Duo Security

Weekly Update 189

Garage Door IoT; Making Ubiquiti Cams Work Without Wired Backhaul; The COVIDSafe Panel Discussion; “Angry Mob Mode”; Sponsored by Varonis

Weekly Update 188

Life Returning to Normal (Kinda); NDC Workshop & Pluralsight #TechSkillsDay; IoT & Nanoleafs; Nintendo Credential Stufing; More Breaches; Sponsored by Varonis

Weekly Update 187

Spiders Everywhere; Zoom Credential Stuffing; Coronavirus Tracking App Tweet Storm; Ubiquiti Network Progress; Iceland Gov on HIBP; Sponsored by Varonis

Weekly Update 186

Building V3 of My Ubiquiti Network; Nerf Gun Wall; Pwned Passwords Growth; Handling Spammy Articles; 5G Hysteria and Disinformation; Sponsored by Duo Security

Weekly Update 185

Pluralsight for Free; “Hack Yourself First” Online Events; Houseparty Rumours; Zoom Privacy, Security & FUD; TicTocTrack Regression Bug; Sponsored by Chronicle from Google

Weekly Update 184

Running “Hack Yourself First” Online; Our First Online “Cyber-Broken”; Coding for Kids With Ari; The USA Government Using Have I Been Pwned; Sponsored by Chronicle

Weekly Update 183

What Self-Isolation Looks Like Here; We’re Bringing “Hack Yourself First” Online; And Cyber-Broken; Disclosure Still Sucks; Chronicle Sponsoring

Weekly Update 182

Heaps of Upcoming Remote Workshops; Pwned Passwords Padding; Ubiquiti's UniFi Dream Machine; 1Password Sponsoring

Weekly Update 181

Have I Been Pwned and Project Svalbard . That Is All. Sponsored by Duo

Weekly Update 180

The Slickwraps Breach; The Straffic Breach; The OnlyFans Breach; The Breach I Can’t Attribute; How HIBP Handled the Money Show Traffic; Sponsored by 1Password

Weekly Update 179

I’m Drowning in Data Breaches; If You’re Not Pwned, You May Not be Real; There’s an IoT Candle (yep, not a typo)

Weekly Update 178

At Microsoft Ignite “The Tour” with Lars Klint; Sharenting, BYOD and Kids Online; Brave Browser and Donating BAT

Weekly Update 177

Back Home in Australia; Sydney Events; Chrome 80 Has Landed; The (second) Adult FriendFinder Data Breach; The Week in Tweets; Sponsored by Duo

Weekly Update 176

I Bought a Zoom H6 Recorder; Scott’s Talk on the History of Encryption; DHS Chief Using Have I Been Pwned; Scott’s Implant

Weekly Update 175

Ari’s Coding for Kids; Scott’s NDC Sessions; My NDC Sessions; Have I Been Pwned Hits 3M Subscribers; Scott Misses His Pi-hole

Business Services Provider Conduent Hit by Ransomware

Business process services provider Conduent has been the victim of a ransomware attack that appears to be the work of Maze operators. Formed in 2017 as a divestiture from Xerox and headquartered in New Jersey, the company offers digital platforms...
SC Magazine

Cisco security advisories address 47 flaws, three critical

Cisco Systems on Wednesday, June 3 released a series of security advisories addressing a total of 47 vulnerabilities, including three critical bugs that were found and fixed in IOS or IOS EX software. Among the most series flaws is a...

Electrolux, Others Conned Out of Big Money by BEC Scammer

Kenenty Hwan Kim has pleaded guilty to swindling the appliance giant and other companies in a set of elaborate schemes.
The Register

Kind of goes without saying, but fix your admin passwords or risk getting borged by this brute-forcing botnet

Publishing platforms, hosts being targeted by Stealthworker malware Servers are being targeted with a malware attack that uses its infected hosts to brute-force other machines.…

News Wrap: Fake Minneapolis Police Breach, Zoom End-To-End Encryption Debate

Threatpost editors discuss debunked reports of a Minneapolis police department breach and Zoom announcing only paying users would get end-to-end encryption.