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The Silver Bullet

The Silver Bullet Security Podcast with Gary McGraw is published once a month. The series started in April 2006. The podcast features in-depth conversations he has with his fellow security gurus. Guests include technologists, academics, business people, authors, the press, and government officials.

The Silver Bullet Podcast

Show 149: Brittany Postnikoff discusses the maker culture and the problems with robots

Listen as Gary and Brittany discuss the maker culture, including embedded security for new technologies such as 3D printers and hands-on electronics, the problems with robots, from movement to the ethics of human-robot interactions, and more.
The Silver Bullet Podcast

Show 148: G��ran Breivik discusses how he works to align Bergen, Norway’s goals as a city with their software security needs.

Listen as Gary and G��ran discuss what it���s like to work for a city government and how to align the city���s goals with software security. They also examine how to get the city to pay attention to security along...
The Silver Bullet Podcast

Show 147: Kathleen Fisher discusses DARPA research vs. Black Hat/DefCon research

Listen as Gary and Kathleen discuss scientific research versus hacking "research,"����programming languages and software security, hacking (or not hacking) autonomous helicopters at DARPA, why machine learning looks pretty similar to how it looked 25 years ago, and more.
The Silver Bullet Podcast

Show 146: Nicholas Weaver discusses network security, botnets, and cryptocurrency

Listen as Gary and Nicholas discuss the Spectre vulnerability, botnet attacks, research tech transfer, cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology, and more.
The Silver Bullet Podcast

Show 145: Tanya Janca discusses transitioning from developer to software security guru

Listen as Gary and Tanya discuss the transition from development to security, election security, DevOps, and more.
The Silver Bullet Podcast

Show 144: Ron Gula discusses government versus commercial security solutions

Listen as Gary and Ron discuss government and commercial security solutions, the NIST framework, tech transfer, technical advisory boards, and more.
The Silver Bullet Podcast

Show 143: Elena Kvochko discusses security policy and security technology

Listen as Gary and Elena discuss security policy, security technology, the role of a CIO, holistic security tactics, the economics of a security breach, and more.
The Silver Bullet Podcast

Show 142: Craig Froelich discusses the 2018 CISO Report

Listen as Gary and Craig discuss the role of the CISO in the financial services ecosystem and the 2018 CISO Report.
The Silver Bullet Podcast

Show 141: Bruce Potter discusses ShmooCon, DevOps, and the CISO role

Listen as Gary and Bruce discuss ShmooCon, the state of software security books, network security trends, hacking back, the relationship between preventative security engineering and operational security, DevOps, the CISO role, and more.
The Silver Bullet Podcast

Show 140: Adrienne Porter Felt discusses usable security at Google and web versus mobile permission models

Listen as Gary and Adrienne discuss usable security, web and mobile security indicators, browser warnings, permission models, and more.
The Silver Bullet Podcast

Show 139: Matias Madou discusses secure development training and software security testing research

Listen as Gary and Matias talk about effective software security testing methods, security research, and secure development training.
The Silver Bullet Podcast

Show 138: Nicole Perlroth discusses life as a cyber security journalist

Listen as Gary and Nicole talk about life as a cyber security journalist, being a woman in the security industry, and playing up the sex appeal of cyber security.

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