Thursday, May 19, 2022
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CISA Alert AA22-138A – Threat Actors Exploiting F5 BIG-IP CVE-2022-1388.

CISA and the Multi-State Information Sharing & Analysis Center (MS-ISAC), are releasing this joint Cybersecurity Advisory in response to active exploitation of CVE-2022-1388. This vulnerability is a critical iControl REST authentication...
The CyberWire Podcast

Privateering goes fully political. Compromised robots? Conti’s campaign against Costa Rica. Cyberconflict along the Nile. A reset in the cyber insurance market.

Chaos ransomware group declares for Russia. Hacktivists claim to have compromised Russian-manufactured ground surveillance robots. Conti's ongoing campaign against Costa Rica. The claimed "international" cyberattack against Nile dam was stopped. Rick...
The CyberWire Podcast

CISA Alert AA22-137A – Weak security controls and practices routinely exploited for initial access. [CISA Alerts]

This joint cybersecurity advisory was coauthored by the cybersecurity authorities of the US, Canada, New Zealand, the Netherlands, and the UK. Cyber actors routinely exploit poor security configurations, weak controls, and...
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Russian cyber threats and NATO’s Article 5. Conti says it’s going to bring Cost Rica to its knees. BLE proof-of-concept hack. CISA warns of initial access methods. Thanos proprietor indicted.

An assessment of the Russian cyber threat. NATO's Article 5 in cyberspace. Conti's ransomware attack against Costa Rica spreads, in scope and effect. Bluetooth vulnerabilities demonstrated in proof-of-concept. CISA and its...
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Users advised to patch actively exploited Zyxel vulnerability. Hacktivism and influence ops in Russia’s hybrid war. Ransomware notes. Indiscriminate hacktivism? Alt-coin sanctions case will proceed.

Users are advised to patch Zyxel firewalls. Battlefield failure and popular morale in Russia’s hybrid war. Nuisance-level hacktivism in the hybrid war. Sweden and Finland move closer to NATO membership; concern...
The CyberWire Podcast

Eric Escobar: Collaboration is key. [Pen tester] [Career Notes]

Principal consultant and pen tester at Secureworks, Eric Escobar, shares his career path translating his childhood favorite Legos to civil engineering and pivoting to cybersecurity. Eric was always headed toward engineering and...
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The current state of zero trust. [CyberWire-X]

According to the zero trust philosophy, we all assume that our networks are already compromised and try to design them to limit the damage if it turns out to be so....
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Vulnerabilities in IoT devices. [Research Saturday]

Dr. May Wang, Chief Technology Officer at Palo Alto Networks, joins Dave Bittner to discuss their findings detailed in Unit 42's "Know Your Infusion Pump Vulnerabilities and Secure Your Healthcare Organization"...
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War crimes in cyberspace? Iranian cyberespionage (and a possible APT side-hustle). A backdoor for Roblox. Darkweb C2C trader sentenced. eBay newsletter conspirator pleads guilty. CIA gets a CISO.

Ukraine holds its first war crimes trial. Are there war crimes in cyberspace? Iranian cyberespionage (and a possible APT side-hustle). Roblox seems to have been used to introduce a backdoor. CISA...
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Killnet hits Italian targets. Access restored to RuTube. Hacktivism in the hybrid war. Emotet surges. NPM dependency confusion attacks were pentesting. Cybercrime and punishment.

Killnet hits Italian targets. Access to RuTube is restored. Hacktivism in the hybrid war. Emotet surges. Clearing up the confusion of NPM dependency confusion attacks. Tim Eades from Cyber Mentor Fund...
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CISA Alert AA22-131A – Protecting against cyber threats to managed service providers and their customers. [CISA Cybersecurity Alerts]

The cybersecurity authorities of the UK, Australia, Canada, New Zealand, and the US have observed a recent increase in malicious cyber activity against managed service providers (MSPs). Allied cybersecurity authorities expect...
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Consensus on the Viasat hack: Russia did it. Kaspersky remains under investigation. The Nerbian RAT is out. NPM dependencies exploited, but to what end? Advisories from CISA and its partners.

There’s international consensus on the cyberattack against Viasat. Kaspersky remains under investigation. The Nerbian RAT is out. NPM dependencies are exploited, but to what end? Caleb Barlow examines Russia’s future on...
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Notes on cyber phases of Russia’s hybrid war, including an assessment of Victory Day as an influence op. A look at C2C markets. And Spain’s spyware scandal claims an intelligence chief.

A quick introductory note on Russia’s hybrid war against Ukraine. Russian television schedules hacked to display anti-war message. Phishing campaign distributes Jester Stealer in Ukraine. European Council formally attributes cyberattack on...
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Mixer gets sanctioned. Reward offered for Conti hoods. Ag company hit with ransomware. Hacktivism and cyberattacks in Russia’s hybrid war. That apology? The Kremlin takes it back.

The US Treasury Department sanctions a cryptocurrency mixer. Rewards for Justice is interested in Conti. US tractor manufacturer AGCO was hit by a ransomware attack. Russian hacktivism hits German targets and...
The CyberWire Podcast

Amanda Fennell: There's a cyber warrior in all of us [Information] [Career Notes]

Chief security officer and chief information officer at Relativity, Amanda Fennel shares her story from archeology to cybersecurity. She shares the path that lead her towards becoming an archeologist and how...

Phishers Add Chatbot to the Phishing Lure

Researchers have discovered a new approach being taken by phishers to increase victim engagement and confidence: the addition of an interactive chatbot. We have all become accustomed to the chatbots used by many of the largest service providers –...

QuSecure Lauches Quantum-Resilient Encryption Platform

New firm launches to provide the Easy Button for implementing quantum secure encryption The pressure to implement quantum secure encryption is increasing. This isn’t because functioning quantum computers able to crack asymmetric encryption are expected tomorrow, but because of the...
The Register

Iran, China-linked gangs join Putin’s disinformation war online

They're using the invasion 'to take aim at the usual adversaries,' Mandiant told The Reg Pro-Beijing and Iran miscreants are using the war in Ukraine to spread disinformation that supports these countries' political interests — namely, advancing anti-Western narratives...

Cyberattacks and misinformation activity against Ukraine continues say security researchers

Malware and fake news continues, says Mandiant.

6 Scary Tactics Used in Mobile App Attacks

Mobile attacks have been going on for many years, but the threat is rapidly evolving as more sophisticated malware families with novel features enter the scene.