Wednesday, May 12, 2021
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The CyberJungle is the nation’s first news talk show on security, privacy and the law. Featuring digital forensics and infosec specialist Ira Victor and award-winning journalist Samantha Stone. The show is fast-paced and includes hard hitting news analysis. Formerly The Data Security Podcast.

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The Register

Blessed are the cryptographers, labelling them criminal enablers is just foolish

Preserving privacy is hard. I know because when I tried, I quickly learned not to play with weapons Column  Nearly a decade ago I decided to try my hand as a cryptographer. It went about as well as you...
The Hacker News

Ransomware Gang Leaks Metropolitan Police Data After Failed Negotiations

The cybercrime syndicate behind Babuk ransomware has leaked more personal files belonging to the Metropolitan Police Department (MPD) after negotiations with the DC Police broke down, warning that they intend to publish all data ransom demands are not met. "The...
Security Affairs

NSA and ODNI analyze potential risks to 5G networks

U.S. Intelligence agencies warn of weaknesses in 5G networks that could be exploited by crooks and nation-state actors for intelligence gathering. The U.S. National Security Agency (NSA), along with the DHS Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA), and the Office...
The Hacker News

Alert: Hackers Exploit Adobe Reader 0-Day Vulnerability in the Wild

Adobe has released Patch Tuesday updates for the month of May with fixes for multiple vulnerabilities spanning 12 different products, including a zero-day flaw affecting Adobe Reader that's actively exploited in the wild. The list of updated applications includes Adobe Experience Manager,...
The Register

Beijing twirls ban-hammer at 84 more apps it says need to stop slurping excess data

Online lending apps and more given fifteen days to ‘rectify’ behaviour China’s Central Cyberspace Affairs Commission has named 84 apps it says breach local privacy laws and given their developers 15 days to “rectify” their code.…