Thursday, August 16, 2018

Mobile security – how to have your cake and eat it

Join us as we talk to Sophos security expert Matt Boddy about how you can embrace the "bring your own" world of 21st century IT while staying safe and secure at the same time.

Privacy – can you have too much of a good thing?

Should we have more privacy to protect us from cybercriminals, or less privacy so those selfsame cybercrooks can't hide so easily? Join Sophos security experts Paul Ducklin and James Burchell for a lively discussion that is informative, entertaining –...

Trends in malware – ransomware, cryptojacking, what next?

When it comes to learning about the latest trends in malware, there's no one we'd rather talk to than SophosLabs Principal Researcher Fraser Howard. Join us as Fraser explains how to "know your enemies" so you can fight them...

Don’t take fright – get web security right

No website is too small, and no website too big, that it is out of the reach of hacktivists, online vandals, bad actors and unreconstructed cybercrooks. So web security is vital - but how to get it right? Join us...

Welcome to the wonderful world of GDPR! Where next?

GDPR enforcement started in May 2018. Where next? Join Sophos Naked Security's Paul Ducklin and Vincent Vanbiervliet, Product Manager of Data Protection at Sophos, as they talk about how to turn security into a business asset - a value to...

“WannaCrypt” ransomware scam widely spammed out

A cybersecurity scare about ransomware called "WannaCrypt" has been widely spammed out. This one, fortunately, is a scam - there isn't any malware - but the attack that the crooks describe could, in theory, be pulled off. Matt Boddy...

Chet Chat 271 – June 14, 2018

This week's podcast finds Chet and John both enjoying some well deserved time in their respective homes. Topics include an overview of InfoSec Europe and BSides London, the dangers of not providing password management tools, how small mistakes lead...

Chet Chat 270 – June 7, 2018

Chester and Ben talk about the week's security news including the latest Flash and Internet Explorer zero-day vulnerabilities, insecure toys being yanked from major retailers, Naked Security's award winning performance at InfoSec Europe 2018, the debate of a public...

FBI issues bulletin about “VPNFilter” malware

The FBI just issued a VPNFilter malware warning saying, "Reboot your routers now!" But why? And will it help? Kimberly Truong and Paul Ducklin of Sophos investigate.

Naked Security Podcast Episode 4

Charlotte Williams from Naked Security talks to Sophos experts Matt Boddy and Paul Ducklin about the EFAIL in email, a gift-horse bug in Red Hat Linux, and what happens when sniffer dogs join your cybersecurity team. (Music: and

Chet Chat 269 – May 18, 2018

This week's podcast finds Chet hosting from Hong Kong with guest Ben Verschaeren. Topics covered include the eFail disclosure, Adobe Reader vulns, Chili's credit card theft, LocationSmart leaking cell locations and Android requirements to stay up to date.

Chet Chat 268 – May 10, 2018

Chester Wisniewski is joined by Greg Iddon from London in this week's Chet Chat. They discuss the latest Drupal attacks, patch urgency, the IC3 report on cybercrime and the cost of cryptomining.

Naked Security Podcast Episode 3

Charlotte Williams from the award-winning computer security website Naked Security talks to Sophos experts Matt Boddy and Paul Ducklin about old-school malware, how to judge Patch Tuesday, and what to do about Facebook. (Music: and

Naked Security Podcast Episode 2

Paul Ducklin from the award-winning computer security website Naked Security talks to Sophos experts Matt Boddy and Fraser Howard about password cracking and HTTPS. (Music: and

Naked Security Podcast Episode 1

Paul Ducklin from the award-winning computer security website Naked Security talks to SophosLabs researcher Fraser Howard about a growing trend in cybercrime: cryptojacking, where the crooks mine cryptocurrency and keep the loot, but you pay for the electricity. (Music:
The Register

Mozilla-endorsed security plug-in accused of tracking users

Web Security says there's nothing nefarious to its URL collection A security plug-in for the Firefox browser is under fire after users discovered it was collecting and uploading their online activity.…
The Register

Making money mining Coinhive? Yeah, you and nine other people

10 users controlling the bulk of cryptocoin generator funds Mining internet currency on websites with Coinhive scripts is a lucrative endeavor, but only for a handful of people.…
PC Mag

Google Launches Searchable Database on US Political Ads

The new site offers an eye-opening view of how online political ad spending through Google can work. It offers a breakdown on individual ad campaigns, including a catalog of what ads were served and to which demographic groups.

Intel Reveals New Spectre-Like Vulnerability

A new side-channel speculative execution vulnerability takes aim at a different part of the CPU architecture than similar vulnerabilities that came before it.

Miller & Valasek: Security Stakes Higher for Autonomous Vehicles

Car hacking specialists shift gears and work on car defense in their latest gigs - at GM subsidiary Cruise Automation.