Wednesday, February 20, 2019

Ep. 020 – Leaky containers, careless coders and risky USB cables

The Naked Security podcast explains the recent security hole in Linux products such as Docker and Kubernetes, ponders whether Apple's insistence on 2FA for developers will bring rogue apps under control, and tells you whether to worry about booby-trapped...

Ep. 019 – Android holes, iOS screengrabbing and USB poo

The Naked Security podcast pokes a stick into the latest critical security bugs in Android, investigates the dubious art of iOS screenshots you didn't take yourself, and marvels at the USB drive that survived a seal's digestive tract. With Anna...

Ep. 018 – Home invasions, snoopy apps and Android versus iOS

The Naked Security podcast looks at who was at fault in a network home invasion, investigates how both Google and Facebook fell foul of Apple's developer rules, and answers the vital question, "Which is better, Android or iPhone?" With Anna...

Ep. 017 – DNS hijacking, a weird breach and a cybersecurity confession

The Naked Security Podcast digs into a US Emergency Directive to stop government sites getting hijacked, examines a data breach with a difference, and hears a cybersecurity expert's confession of how his Instagram got hacked. With Anna Brading, Paul Ducklin,...

Ep. 016 – Email fraud, Android insecurity, Collection #1 and the 10 Year Challenge

The Naked Security podcast looks at high-value email crime, Google's latest attempt to clean up the Play Store, how you can buy a billion email addresses for just $45, and the conspiracy theories that say the "10 year challenge"...

Ep. 015 – USB anti-hacking, bypassing 2FA and government insecurity

Naked Security looks at whether the latest USB hardware proposals will be used for security or for anti-piracy, investigates an open-source toolkit for bypassing 2FA, and explains how the US government shutdown is affecting online security. With Anna Brading,...

Ep. 014 – Rickrolls, Acrobat and zombie hands

The Naked Security Podcast investigates the ethics of remote rickrolling, whether Acrobat is the new Flash, and how to fool biometrics with a zombie hand. With Anna Brading. Paul Ducklin, Mark Stockley and Matthew Boddy.

Ep. 013 – Breaches, Facebook and ransomware reinvented

The Naked Security Podcast rings out 2018 with a look at the big issues of the past year. With Anna Brading, Paul Ducklin and Matthew Boddy. Music by

Ep. 012 – WordPress worms, Android fraud and Flash fails

In this Naked Security podcast, Anna Brading, Paul Ducklin and Mark Stockley confront the latest cybersecurity threats affecting WordPress, Android and Flash. Music by

Ep. 011 – Marriott, Kubernetes and PewDiePie

On the Naked Security podcast this week: Marriott's huge and scary data breach, a bug in software management software could be a data thief's goldmine, and a self-righteous "hacker" prints out an advert on 50,000 internet printers. With Anna...

Ep. 010 – Big breach, Creep-O-Meter and Black Friday

Ep. 010 - Big breach, Creep-O-Meter and Black Friday by SophosLabs

Ep. 009 – Competitive hacking, threat report and crazy tweets!

In the Naked Security Podcast this week: hacking phones at Pwn2Own, the brand new SophosLabs Threat report, and squeezing Shakespeare into one tweet. With Anna Brading, Paul Ducklin and Mark Stockley. (Music:

Ep. 008 – Naked Security Podcast

Hyperthreading considered harmful, how to avoid lock screen hacks, and what happens when cryptocurrency exchanges implode. With Anna Brading, Paul Ducklin, Mark Stockley and Matthew Boddy. (Music:

Naked Security Podcast Episode 7

Naked Security editor-in-chief Anna Brading is back in the presenter's seat, talking to Mark Stockley, Matthew Boddy and Paul Ducklin about the lessons we can learn from the latest cybersecurity news.

Naked Security Podcast Episode 6

This week, Naked Security editor-in-chief Anna Brading talks to Sophos experts Paul Ducklin, Mark Stockley and Matthew Boddy about: a security flaw in the WhatsApp app, a shopping site compromise using rogue JavaScript, and the in-your-face cybercrime known as...

Can you really sniff out gas station card skimmers with your phone?

A viral post suggests (wrongly) that card skimmers always use Bluetooth. Anyway, just looking at nearby Bluetooth names doesn't help much...

Canada Helping Australia Determine ‘Full Extent’ of Hack

Canada's electronic eavesdropping agency said Wednesday it is working with Canberra to try to determine the scale of computer hacking on Australia's parliament and political parties just months from an election. read more

Researcher: Not Hard for a Hacker to Capsize a Ship at Sea

Maritime transport still contributes in an important way to the world’s economy, with on-time shipments influencing everything from commodities availability and spot pricing to the stability of small countries. Unfortunately, capsizing a ship with a cyberattack is a relatively...
SC Magazine

30 years in: My, how SC and security have changed

1989. Acid wash jeans, Bon Jovi and the compassionate conservatism of the Reagan Era were actually, unironically popular. The Berlin Wall fell, free elections were held in the then Soviet Congress of Deputies, Vaclev Havel became president of Czechoslavakia,...

WinPot ATM Malware Resembles a Slot Machine

A piece of malware targeting automated teller machines (ATMs) has an interface that looks like a slot machine, Kaspersky Lab reports.  Dubbed WinPot, the malware was initially detected in March last year, targeting the ATMs of a popular vendor to...