Tuesday, August 3, 2021
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Shared Security

A podcast that brings you timely stories, news and tips for living securely in a connected world. Topics include Information Security, Privacy, Internet of Things (IoT), Mobile Devices, Applications and Social Media. Hosted by Scott Wright- Cyber Security Auditor, Researcher and Coach, President of Security Perspectives Inc. and Tom Eston- Ethical Hacker and Information Security Professional.

The Shared Security Podcast

Reboot Your Smartphone, FBI’s Top Targeted Vulnerabilities, Flirty Account Dupes Defense Contractors

Why rebooting your smartphone is good security hygiene, the FBI reveals top targeted vulnerabilities in the last two years, and details on how a nation state used a “flirty” aerobics instructor to steal data from defense contractors. ** Links mentioned...
The Shared Security Podcast

How to Protect Yourself from Gift Card Scams

In our July monthly show we discuss gift card scams! What are the different scams that are out there, how do they work, and details on how to protect yourself from becoming a victim. ** Links mentioned on the show...
The Shared Security Podcast

Pegasus Spyware is Back, Twitter Hacker Arrested, 16 Year Old Printer Bug

Pegasus spyware and NSO Group are back in the news because of a data leak of 50,000 phone numbers, another “hacker” was arrested for the great Twitter hack of 2020, and how a 16 year old printer vulnerability is...
The Shared Security Podcast

Popular Myths about VPNs

In this sponsored episode from our friends at ClearVPN, Artem Risukhin Content Marketing Manager at ClearVPN, joins co-host Tom Eston to discuss the most popular myths about VPNs. Be sure to watch the YouTube edition for a demo of...
The Shared Security Podcast

Targeted Dream Incubation, TikTok Data Sharing, Chrome and Firefox Updates

Is dream hacking the next big privacy concern or just a new marketing gimmick? Some people may be surprised that TikTok shares data with China, and details on Google Chrome adding HTTPS-first mode and Firefox and easing its blocking...
The Shared Security Podcast

Kaseya Ransomware Attack, PrintNightmare Zero-day, Kaspersky Password Manager Vulnerability

Details on the Kaseya supply-chain and REvil ransomware attack, a new zero-day exploit called “PrintNightmare” affects all Windows versions before June, and how randomly generated passwords in a popular password manager were not so random. ** Links mentioned on the...
The Shared Security Podcast

LinkedIn Data Leak, Western Digital NAS Attacks, STIR/SHAKEN Deadline

Was there another LinkedIn “data leak” or is this just the same data anyone with a LinkedIn account can access? Western Digital Network-Attached Storage (NAS) devices under attack, and details on the STIR/SHAKEN deadline which is supposed to help...
The Shared Security Podcast

Asset Discovery with Chris Kirsch Co-Founder at Rumble

Chris Kirsch co-founder and chief revenue officer at Rumble joins us in our June monthly show to talk about how Rumble is solving the problem of asset discovery. You also get to see a demo of Rumble in action...
The Shared Security Podcast

Off Limits Critical Infrastructure, Ransomware on Repeat, Cyber Safe Drinking Water

What does it really mean when Biden tells Putin critical US infrastructure is “off limits”, details on a recent survey which shows ransomware payments create repeat attacks, and how cyber safe is your drinking water? ** Links mentioned on the...
The Shared Security Podcast

TikTok Collecting Biometric Data, Peloton Bike+ Vulnerability, Nextdoor App Concerns

TikTok can now collect biometric data from user content, researchers find a vulnerability in Peloton bikes, and why some people think that Nextdoor might be the next big social network. ** Links mentioned on the show ** TikTok Can Now Collect...
The Shared Security Podcast

ANOM FBI Global Crime Sting, Colonial Pipeline Updates, Password Leak Research

Details about the “ANOM” global crime sting where the FBI created a fake encrypted mobile phone for criminals that promised secure communications, new details about how the Colonial Pipeline ransomware attack started, and some really bad security research about...
The Shared Security Podcast

Amazon Sidewalk, NFTs and Cybersecurity, Norton 360 Cryptocurrency Mining

Is Amazon Sidewalk the latest threat to our privacy? Also, what’s the big deal about NFTs, and why mining cryptocurrency through your anti-virus software is a horrible idea. ** Links mentioned on the show ** What Does Amazon Sidewalk Mean for...
The Shared Security Podcast

Biden’s Cybersecurity Executive Order, Apple’s AirTag, Cyber Insurance

Details about Biden’s cybersecurity executive order, privacy and stalking concerns with Apple’s new AirTag technology, and why some cyber insurance companies may not pay out for ransomware in the future. ** Links mentioned on the show ** New Cybersecurity Executive Order:...
The Shared Security Podcast

How Gamification is Changing Cybersecurity

Gamification is changing cybersecurity and the way we learn! Scott Wright, Co-host and CEO of Click Armor, joins us this month to discuss why gamification is a “game” changer in our industry. ** Links mentioned on the show ** What is...
The Shared Security Podcast

Colonial Pipeline Updates, DarkSide Goes Dark, Cybersecurity Best Practices

More news and updates about the Colonial Pipeline ransomware attack, the DarkSide ransomware as a service (RaaS) goes dark on the dark web, and why we still need cybersecurity best practices (regardless of an opinion piece that says otherwise). **...
The Register

Do you have a grip on the lifecycle security of your AWS-deployed applications?

Learn how to manage the risks of cloud native environments with Aqua and AWS Promo  There’s no doubt that adopting DevOps methodologies and CI/CD pipelines, and extending cloud native technologies like containerization can massively accelerate your application development and...

Beef up security in Firefox with Fission

Jack Wallen shows you how to enable Fission. Firefox developers understand web browser security is at a premium, so they've rolled out a site isolation feature.

Cybersecurity professionals: Positive reinforcement works wonders with users

The blame game is not working; experts suggest using positive reinforcement to improve employee attitude and performance.

Google Patches High-Risk Android Security Flaws

Google this week pushed out a security-themed Android update with fixes for more than 30 security flaws that expose mobile users to a range of malicious hacker attacks. The latest Android update provides documentation on 33 security bugs, some serious...

Awful transaction and timing: AT&T finally ditches DirecTV

Enlarge (credit: Getty Images | Ronald Martinez) AT&T has completed its spinoff of DirecTV after six years of mismanagement in which nearly 10 million customers ditched the company's pay-TV services. AT&T bought DirecTV for $49 billion ($67 billion including...