Saturday, December 5, 2020
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Shared Security

A podcast that brings you timely stories, news and tips for living securely in a connected world. Topics include Information Security, Privacy, Internet of Things (IoT), Mobile Devices, Applications and Social Media. Hosted by Scott Wright- Cyber Security Auditor, Researcher and Coach, President of Security Perspectives Inc. and Tom Eston- Ethical Hacker and Information Security Professional.

The Shared Security Podcast

Holiday Shopping Scams and Tips to Stay Safe

In our November monthly episode we discuss the scams that you may encounter this holiday shopping season due to the pandemic and our top tips on how to stay safe and more secure when doing your shopping this year. **...
The Shared Security Podcast

Amazon Sidewalk, Federal IoT Security Law, Facebook Messenger Bug

In episode 149 for November 30th 2020: Police begin to pilot a program to live-stream Amazon Ring cameras, new details about Amazon Sidewalk, Congress unanimously passes a federal Internet of Things security law, and a Facebook Messenger bug that...
The Shared Security Podcast

CISA Director Chris Krebs Fired, Common Sense and Section 230

In episode 148 for November 23rd 2020: This week Kevin Johnson joins me to discuss the Twitter firing of Chris Krebs, Director of the Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency, and our thoughts about a common sense approach to social...
The Shared Security Podcast

Stolen Source Code, Apple Zero-Days, Biden’s Privacy and Cybersecurity Policies

In episode 147 for November 16th 2020: The latest about source code stolen from US government agencies and private companies, three actively exploited iOS zero-days in the wild and new App Store privacy labels, and what a Biden administration...
The Shared Security Podcast

Privacy Mindset: Europe vs. United States

In episode 146 for November 9th 2020: My conversation with Kelly Finnerty, Director of Brand and Content for on the differences in privacy mindset between Europe and the United States. ** Links mentioned on the show ** Future of Privacy...
The Shared Security Podcast

Government Rumor Control, US Hospital Ransomware Threat, Russian Hackers Charged

In episode 145 for November 2nd 2020: Kevin Johnson joins me to discuss the US government’s attempt to prevent disinformation and rumors about the election, a new ransomware threat targeting US hospitals, and details about six Russian hackers that...
The Shared Security Podcast

Targeted Attacks Part 3 – The Exploit

In our October monthly episode we finish our three part series on targeted attacks. In this episode we discuss the exploit and malware analysis with special guest Tyler Hudak, Incident Response Practice Lead at TrustedSec. Make sure you watch...
The Shared Security Podcast

Voter Privacy and the US Election

In episode 144 for October 26th 2020: Voter privacy and what you need to know about protecting your private information during the upcoming US election. ** Links mentioned on the show ** Closing in on the US election with voter privacy...
The Shared Security Podcast

TrickBot Takedown, VPN Flaws, Zoom End-to-End Encryption

In episode 143 for October 19th 2020: Microsoft gets creative to help take down the TrickBot botnet, details on how attackers have been using VPN flaws to attack election support systems, and Zoom’s rollout of end-to-end encryption. ** Links mentioned...
The Shared Security Podcast

The Social Dilemma

In episode 142 for October 12th 2020: My conversation about the pros and cons of the Netflix documentary “The Social Dilemma” with frequent guest, Kevin Johnson. The Social Dilemma is a popular documentary (dramamentary?) on Netflix about how social media...
The Shared Security Podcast

More Hospital Ransomware Attacks, FBI’s Disinformation Warning, Android 11 Privacy Features

In episode 141 for October 5th 2020: Universal Health Services is the latest victim of a massive hospital ransomware attack, the FBI issues new warnings about false claims of hacked voter information, and the top Android 11 privacy and...
The Shared Security Podcast

Targeted Attacks Part 2 – Pretexting and Attack Development

In our September monthly episode we continue our three part series on targeted attack. In this episode we discuss the pretext and how attackers develop and launch their attacks with special guests Nathan Sweaney, Senior Security Consultant at Secure...
The Shared Security Podcast

Death by Ransomware, Strava Flyby, iOS 14 Privacy Improvements

In episode 140 for September 28th 2020: Details on the first human death related to a ransomware attack, popular fitness app Strava is caught giving away your location data to strangers, and the top privacy improvements in Apple iOS...
The Shared Security Podcast – The World’s Most Private Search Engine

In episode 139 for September 21st 2020: This week we take a break from the news to bring you our interview with Alex Kubiak, Senior Product Manager at StartPage is a privacy focused search engine which uses Google’s...
The Shared Security Podcast

Schools Under Cyberattack, Chrome Ad Blocking Update, US Election Interference

In episode 138 for September 14th 2020: School districts under cyber-attack, Google Chrome’s new ad blocking feature, and Microsoft’s latest alert about foreign interference in the 2020 US election. ** Links mentioned on the show ** City of Hartford postpones first...

Top 20 Predictions Of How AI Is Going To Improve Cybersecurity In 2021

What 20 Leading Cybersecurity Experts Are Predicting For 2021

Italy Says Two Arrested for Defense Data Theft

Two people have been arrested for stealing defense data from the Italian aerospace and electronics group Leonardo, the interior ministry said on Saturday. The company has a wide range of activities from naval electronics, network and protection systems, electronic warfare...

The US Used the Patriot Act to Justify Logging Website Users

Plus: Better Twitter two-factor, a Spotify hack, and more of the week’s top security news.

Ransomware hits helicopter maker Kopter

Data from Kopter's internal network has been published on the LockBit gang's blog, hosted on the dark web.

Ransomware gangs are now cold-calling victims if they restore from backups without paying

Tactic used since August by ransomware gangs like Sekhmet, Maze, Conti, and Ryuk.