Saturday, July 11, 2020
Security Weekly

Don’t Touch My XP Dongle – PSW #657

This week, we welcome our very own Joff Thyer, Security Analyst at Black Hills Information Security, to deliver a Technical Segment on IPv6 Tunneling! In our second segment, we welcome Terry Dunlap, Co-Founder at ReFirm Labs, to talk about...
Security Weekly

Zoom 0-Day, F5-BIGIP RCE, & Apache Guacamole RCE – Wrap Up – SWN #48

Look, this week, it's all about the RCE. Seriously, there were so many RCE stories, wow. Oh and a creepy guy story. All this and more on the Security Weekly News Wrap Up!   Show Notes: Visit
Security Weekly

Take the Power Back – ESW #190

This week, we talk Enterprise News, to talk about Why You Need Recorded Futures Ultimate Security Intelligence Kit, Securing the Multi-Cloud Environment through CSPM and SSPM, CyberKnight joins forces with Armis to bring agentless EDR to OT, IoT and...
Security Weekly

Knock-Knock Jokes – SCW #34

This week, we welcome Kimber Dowsett (@mzbat) for a two part interview! @mzbat is a frequent speaker at hacker conferences, and likes to help folks prepare for job searches by performing mock interviews and resume reviews!   Show Notes:...
Security Weekly

So Precious – BSW #179

This week, we welcome Juan Canales, an ExtraHop customer, and Matt Cauthorn, VP Sales Engineering at ExtraHop, to discuss An Honest Conversation About "Response"! In the Leadership and Communications section, Profile of the Post-Pandemic CISO, Time to rethink business...
Security Weekly

TikTok Bans Pt. 2, Try2Cry, & Facebook Under Fire – SWN #47

This week, TikTok bans part 2, Try2Cry, Lazarus rises from the dead, Chinese Data blocking, and the Bubonic Plague! Jason Wood returns for Expert Commentary on how a flashy Nigerian Instagram star was extradited to the U.S. to face...
Security Weekly

Crunchy Crunchy! – ASW #113

This week, we welcome Catherine Chambers and Will Hickie from Irdeto, to discuss Protecting Mobile Applications! In the Application Security News, Would you like some RCE with your Guacamole?, Attackers Will Target Critical PAN-OS Flaw, Security Experts Warn, Microsoft...
Security Weekly

The Dangerous Realm – PSW #656

This week, we welcome Jerry Chen, Co-Founder of Firewalla, to discuss Work From Home Cyber Security! In our second segment, we welcome Ryan Hays, Offensive Security Manager at RSA Security, to talk about OSINT Scraping with Python! In the...
Security Weekly

Netgear Soho Vulns, Lucifer Botnet, & Failed Facial Recognition – Wrap Up – SWN #46

This week, Dr. Doug wraps up the hot topics across all the shows for this week, talking about Bad laws, bad hackers, India bans 59 Chinese Apps including TikTok, Lucifer botnet threatens Windows Systems, Schuchman sentenced to 13 months...
Security Weekly

The Good Side – ESW #189

This week, we talk Enterprise News, to talk about how Semperis adds vulnerability assessment, security reporting, and auto-remediation to its DSP, AWS launches Amazon Honeycode to help quickly build mobile and web apps without programming, Attivo Networks Advanced Protection...
Security Weekly

The Major One – SCW #33

This week, we welcome Matt Springfield, Founder of 12Feet, Inc., to talk about PCI Workloads in the Cloud! In the Security and Compliance News, Cloud Security for a Dynamic Environment, Why identity-based, distributed controls are better suited to address...
Security Weekly

The Greatest Challenges – BSW #178

This week, we welcome Graeme Park, CISO at Matillion, to discuss Cybersecurity Challenges in Growth Organizations! In the Leadership and Communications section, Why Cybersecurity Is Really A Business Problem, 6 Reasons Your Strategy Isn t Working, 5 cities with...
Security Weekly

TikTok Bans, BlueLeaks, & Top 10 Bug Bounties – SWN #45

This week, TikTok bans, OZ increases Cyber budgets, The US Senate wants the justice department to read your mail, the Top Ten Bug Bounties, and BlueLeaks! Jason Wood returns for Expert Commentary on how the REvil Ransomware Gang Adds...
Security Weekly

Completely Forgotten – ASW #112

This week, we welcome Cesar Rodriguez, Head of Developer Advocacy at Accurics, to talk about Using IaC to Establish And Analyze Secure Environments! In the Application Security News, DLL Hijacking at the Trend Micro Password Manager, Adobe Prompts Users...
Security Weekly

Akamai DDoS, Ripple 20, & CallStranger – Wrap Up – SWN #44

This week, Show News, Ebay thugs, Ripple 20, T-Mobile, Zoom, and the call may be coming from inside the house! All this and more on the Security Weekly News Wrap Up!   Show Notes: Visit for all...
Security Weekly

Raiding the Humidor – ESW #188

This week, we talk Enterprise News, to talk about how BeyondTrust Announces Integration with the SailPoint Predictive Identity Platform, Check Point Launches CloudGuard Cloud Native Security, CyberArk Alero enhancements provide secure privileged access for remote users, Digital Shadows announces...
Security Weekly

Break On Through – SCW #32

This week, Jeff, Matt, Scott, and Josh continue the conversation and talk "How to Become an InfoSec Professional With Limited Resources", and talk about "What Is An InfoSec Professional?"!   Show Notes: Visit for all the latest...
Security Weekly

DARPA Bug Bounties, T-Mobile Outage, & Bob Erdman – SWN #43

This week, Cute robot dogs available for sale, T-Mobile was down all day, lightbulbs can be bugged, DARPA bug bounties, Ebay is going to get ya, and Bob Erdman from Core Security talks about Ransomware!   Show Notes:
Security Weekly

Bug Bounties, Show News, & REvil – Wrap Up – SWN #42

Show news, Facebook and the FBI try to catch a child predator, REvil, State Sponsored hacking, Darpa bug bounties, and the F Word!   Show Notes: Visit for all the latest episodes!   Follow us on Twitter:...
Security Weekly

Happy Hour – BSW #177

This week, we welcome Lewie Dunsworth, CEO of Nuspire, to talk about How CISOs Can Best Prioritize Security With a Decreased Budget! In the Leadership and Communications section, Five signs a virtual CISO makes sense for your organization, How...

Windows 10 Security Game-Changer As Microsoft Reveals New Hacker Protection

Microsoft is set to bring a powerful new security feature to Windows 10 that just might be a game-changer.

15 Billion Stolen Logins Are Circulating on the Dark Web

Plus: Facebook's Roger Stone takedown, the BlueLeaks server seizure, and more of the week's top security news.
The Hacker News

Exclusive: Any Chingari App (Indian TikTok Clone) Account Can Be Hacked Easily

Following vulnerability disclosure in the Mitron app, another viral TikTok clone in India has now been found vulnerable to a critical but easy-to-exploit authentication bypass vulnerability, allowing anyone to hijack any user account and tamper with their information, content,...

Is TikTok Seriously Dangerous—Do You Need To Delete It?

Here's the reality behind all the headlines...

iPhone User Sues LinkedIn For Reading Clipboard Data After iOS 14 Alert Revelations

The fallout from Apple's new iOS 14 privacy notification feature continues as one iPhone user files a class-action lawsuit against LinkedIn for silently reading clipboard data.