Saturday, November 17, 2018
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SN 689: Self-Decrypting Drives

Last month's Patch Tuesday, this monthA GDPR-inspired lawsuit filed by Privacy InternationalCheck these two router ports to protect against a new botnet that's making the roundsAnother irresponsibly disclosed zero-day, this time in Virtual BoxCloudFlare's release of a very cool...
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SN 688: PortSmash

A close look at the impact and implication of the new "PortSmash" attack against Intel (and almost certainly other) processors. The new "BleedingBit" Bluetooth flaws JavaScript is no longer optional with Google A new Microsoft Edge browser 0-dayWindows...
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SN 687: Securing the Vending Machine

More Zero-day exploits in Windows 10, publicly exposed Docker Engine APIs, Google's plan to fix Android, the DoD is expanding its existing "Hack the Pentagon" bug-bounty program to include hardware assets, the going rate for DDoS-for-Hire, and Steve has...
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SN 686: Libssh’s Big Whoopsie!

This week a widely used embedded OS (FreeRTOS) is in the doghouse, as are at least eight D-Link routers which have serious problems most of which D-Link has stated will never be patched. We look at five new problems...
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SN 685: Good Samaritans?

This week we observe the untimely death of Microsoft's co-founder Paul Allen, revisit the controversial Bloomberg China supply chain hacking report, catch up on Microsoft's October patching fiasco, follow-up on Facebook's privacy breach, look at the end of TLS...
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SN 684: The Supply Chain

An October Surprise of a different sort - Windows 10 update deletes users' filesA security researcher has massively weaponzied the existing MicroTik vulnerability and released it as a proof-of-conceptA clever voicemail WhatsApp OTP bypassWhat happened with that recent Google+...
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SN 683: The Facebook Breach

This week we discuss yet another treat from Cloudflare, the growing legislative battle over Net Neutrality, the rise of Python malware, Cisco's update report on the VPNFilter malware, still more Chrome controversy and some placating, the rapid exploitation of...
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SN 682: SNI Encryption

This week we look at additional changes coming from Google's Chromium team, another powerful instance of newer cross-platform malware, the publication of a 0-day exploit after Microsoft missed its deadline, the return of Sabri Haddouche with browser crash attacks,...
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SN 681: The Browser Extension Ecosystem

This week we prepare for the first ever Presidential Alert unblockable nationwide text message, we examine Chrome's temporary "www" removal reversal, checkout Comodo's somewhat unsavory marketing, discuss a forthcoming solution to BGP hijacking, examine California's forthcoming IoT legislation, deal...
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SN 680: Exploits & Updates

This week we discuss Windows 7's additional three years of support life, MicroTik routers back in the news (and not in a good way), Google Chrome 69's new features, the hack of MEGA's cloud storage extension for Chrome, Week...
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SN 679: SonarSnoop

This week we cover the expected exploitation of the most recent Apache STRUTS vulnerability, a temporary interim patch for the Windows 0-day privilege elevation, an information disclosure vulnerability in all Android devices, Instagram's moves to tighten things up, another...
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SN 678: Never a Dull Moment

This week we catch-up with another busy week. We look at Firefox's changing certificate policies, the danger of grabbing a second-hand domain, the Fortnite mess on Android, another patch-it-now Apache Struts RCE, a frightening jump in Mirai Botnet capability,...
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SN 677: The Foreshadow Flaw

As we head into our 14th year of Security Now​, this week we look at some of the research released during last week's USENIX Security symposium, we also take a peek at last week's Patch Tuesday details, Skype's newly...
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SN 676: The Mega FaxSploit

This week we cover lots of discoveries revealed during last week's Black Hat 2018 and DEF CON 26 Las Vegas security conferences. Among them, 47 vulnerabilities across 25 Android smartphones, Android "Disk-In-The-Middle" attacks, Google tracking when asked not to,...
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SN 675: New WiFi Password Attack

This week we discuss yet another new and diabolical router hack and attack, Reddit's discovery of SMS 2FA failure, WannaCry refuses to die, law enforcement's ample unused forensic resources, a new and very clever BGP-based attack, Windows 10 update...
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Instagram flaw exposes user passwords

A security flaw in Instagram’s recently released “Download Your Data” tool could have exposed some user passwords, the company reportedly told users. The tool, revealed by Instagram right before the GDPR regulation went into effect, is designed to let users...

Julian Assange Charges, Japan’s Top Cybersecurity Official, and More Security News This Week

Safer browsing, more bitcoin scams, and the rest of the week's top security news.
The Register

SMS 2FA database leak drama, MageCart mishaps, Black Friday badware, and more

Plus, why is Kaspersky Lab getting into chess? Roundup  What a week it has been: we had the creation of a new government agency, a meltdown flashback, and of course, Patch Tuesday.…

Is retaining a cybersecurity attorney a good idea for your business?

Cybersecurity is so complicated that businesses, large and small, are retaining legal counsel specializing in security. Learn two more steps businesses should take before a cyberattack hits.

Machine Learning Can Create Fake ‘Master Key’ Fingerprints

Researchers have refined a technique to create so-called DeepMasterPrints, fake fingerprints designed to get past security.