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Risky Business is a weekly information security podcast featuring news and in-depth interviews with industry luminaries. Launched in February 2007, Risky Business is a must-listen digest for information security pros. With a running time of approximately 50-60 minutes, Risky Business is pacy; a security podcast without the waffle.


Risky Business feature: iOS exploits just got a lot more expensive

We’re going to be talking to two people in this podcast and the topic is, for the most part, the introduction of pointer authentication on the latest Apple iPhones. This is a development that flew under the radar of...

Risky Business #514 — New NSO Group report released and another State Department email breach. Drink!

This edition of the show features Adam Boileau and Patrick Gray discussing the week’s security news: Citizen Lab drops NSO Group report “Weaponised Stuxnet” claims are idiotic Another State Department email breach! Drink! Dutch foil planned attack...

Risky Business #513 — The DPRK indictment, BA gets owned, Webauthn issues and more

This edition of the show features Adam Boileau and Patrick Gray discussing the week’s security news: The DPRK indictment and subsequent fall out British Airways gets owned Webauthn hits some roadblocks The latest action from Washington DC ...

Snake Oilers 7 part 2: Assetnote.io launch, InQuest and Aiculus

On this edition of Snake Oilers we hear from three companies, and for one of them, it’s actually their product launch! Assetnote is a cloud asset discovery and security scanning platform spun out of the bug bounty community. If you’re...

Risky Business #512 — Five Eyes nations send clear message on encryption

This edition of the show features Adam Boileau and Patrick Gray discussing the week’s security news: Five Eyes nations send a clear message on encryption Massive Azure outage FBI releases political campaign security guidance Google wants to...

Risky Business feature interview: Linux malware is booming, thanks to IoT

The widespread adoption of smart and IoT devices – everything from drones and security cameras to thermostats and routers, mean the developers of non-Windows-based malware have been pretty busy lately In fact, there’s been an almost tenfold increase in the...

Risky Business #511 — Australia, Japan to ban Huawei, Struts drama, DNC lols and more

We’re going to stick with the revised format this week – we’re going long on news with Adam, then diving right in to the sponsor interview with Zane Lackey of Signal Sciences. A bunch of you heard my long form,...

Snake Oilers 7 part 1: Rapid7 on changes to InsightVM, ITProTV on online training

We’ve got two vendors pitching their wares in this edition of Snake Oilers. First up we’re talking to Rapid7 about its vulnerability scanning and management software. They’ve made some changes and they’ve got a couple more coming. This is...

Risky Business feature interview: Bob Lord, CSO, Democratic National Committee

In this podcast you’ll hear an interview I did with Bob Lord, the Chief Security Officer for the Democratic National Committee, the DNC. Bob has previously served as the CISOs for both Yahoo and Twitter, before spending some time...

Risky Business #510 — Hacky hack hack

On this week’s show we’ll be running through the week’s security news, then diving right on in to a sponsor interview with Lauren Pearl of Trail of Bits. She’s joining us to talk about something Trail of Bits have...

Risky Business feature: Adam Boileau recaps Black Hat and DEF CON

In this breakout podcast we chat with Adam Boileau about the talks that caught his attention in Las Vegas a couple of weeks ago. The Black Hat PR team were kind enough to credential Adam for the con so...

Risky Business #509 — Just the usual mayhem and ownage

Adam and I have just returned from Black Hat and DEF CON in Las Vegas, so in this week’s show we’re going to have a look at the infosec news we missed over last couple of weeks. We did...

Risky Business #508 — Special guest Greg Shipley of In-Q-Tel’s Cyber Reboot

On this week’s show we hear from Greg Shipley. Greg works at an initiative spun up by In-Q-Tel called Cyber Reboot. Its goal is to develop open source tools that can push things forward in security – things the...

Risky Biz Soap Box: Zane Lackey of Signal Sciences talks DevOps

What you’re about to hear is a long form interview with Zane Lackey, a former pentester turned director of security engineering for Etsy turned co-founder and CSO of Signal Sciences. Signal Sciences can be broadly, kinda described as “next generation...

Risky Business #507 — For Vlad

We didn’t have space to run a feature in this week’s show, mostly because we had three weeks of news to catch up on because of my holiday. Adam Boileau is away on a company retreat this week, so...

Breach at US Retailer SHEIN Hits Over Six Million Users

Breach at US Retailer SHEIN Hits Over Six Million UsersUS fashion retailer SHEIN has admitted suffering a major breach affecting the personal information of over six million customers. The women’s clothing company revealed at the end of last week that...
The Register

Bug? Feature? Power users baffled as BitLocker update switch-off continues

Microsoft claims issue confined to older kit Three months on, users continue to report that Microsoft's BitLocker disk encryption technology turns itself off during security updates.…

UK issues first-ever GDPR notice in connection to Facebook data scandal

Canadian firm AggregateIQ, linked to the Facebook & Cambridge Analytica data scandal, is the first to be put on notice.

Symantec Completes Internal Accounting Investigation

Symantec announced on Monday that it has completed its internal accounting audit, and while some issues have been uncovered, only one customer transaction has an impact on financial statements. read more

Are Colleges Teaching Real-World Cyber Security Skills?

The cybersecurity skill shortage is a well-recognized industry challenge, but the problem isn’t that there are too few people rather that many of them lack suitable skills and experience. Cybersecurity is a fast-growing profession, and talented graduates are in...