Saturday, June 25, 2022
OWASP Podcast

Threat Modeling using the Force with Adam Shostack – OWASP Podcast e001

In this episode, Matt Tesauro hosts Adam Shostack to talk about threat modeling - not only what it is but what Adam has learned from teaching numerous teams how to do threat modeling. Learn what makes a good threat...
OWASP Podcast

The Void: Verica Open Incident Database

Welcome back to the OWASP podcast. In this episode, we're headed to The VOID. I speak with Courtney Nash about the Verica Open Incident Database, otherwise known as The VOID, which is a collection of software-related incident reports available...
OWASP Podcast

Fast Times at SBOM High with Wendy Nather and Matt Tesauro

Hello, it's Matt Tesauro. Welcome back to my take on the OWASP Podcast. It seems as if I'm turning my episodes into the equivalent of a conference hall track, those wonderful interactions you have at conferences, running between rooms...
OWASP Podcast

SAFe or UnSAFe at Any Speed

“I absolutely hate SAFe!” -- Bryan Finster That is Bryan Finster, Distinguished Engineer at Defense Unicorns out of Colorado Springs. I was scrolling through LinkedIn a couple days ago, saw a thread on SAFe, The Scaled Agile Framework, and what...
OWASP Podcast

Tanya Janca – She Hacks Purple

Hello, I'm Matt Tesauro, one of the OWASP Podcast co-hosts. I had the opportunity to interview Tanya Janca for this podcast. To be honest, I kind of wish it was a video recording because you'd be able to see...
OWASP Podcast

New Ideas. New Voices. New Hosts

8 years ago I took over the OWASP Podcast from Jim Manico, originator of the project. In that time over 160 episodes have been published, with over 500,000 downloads. It has been a fun project, but it’s time to...
OWASP Podcast

The InfoSec Color Wheel with Jasmine Henry

We’ve all heard of “Red Teams” and “Blue Teams” when it comes to cybersecurity. But what about the “Purple Team”, the “Yellow Team” or the “Blue Team”. What are those? In February of 2020, Louis Cremen introduced the InfoSec Colour...
OWASP Podcast

CYA – Cover Your Assets with Chris Roberts

A couple weeks ago I read an article by Chris Roberts. The headline screamed, “Security Solved!” Security solved? What the hell was he talking about. Everyday there’s a new media storm around the latest breach or ransomware attack. There’s an...
Security Affairs

Oracle spent 6 months to fix ‘Mega’ flaws in the Fusion Middleware

Researchers disclose technical details of a critical flaw in Fusion Middleware, tracked as CVE-2022–21445, that Oracle took six months to patch. Security researchers have published technical details of a critical Fusion Middleware vulnerability, tracked as CVE-2022–21445, that was reported to...
Security Affairs

Multiple malicious packages in PyPI repository found stealing AWS secrets

Researchers discovered multiple malicious Python packages in the official PyPI repository stealing AWS credentials and other info. Sonatype researchers discovered multiple Python packages in the official PyPI repository that have been developed to steal secrets (i.e. AWS credentials and environment...

The Post-Roe Privacy Nightmare Has Arrived

Plus: Microsoft details Russia’s Ukraine hacking campaign, Meta’s election integrity efforts dwindle, and more.

How to Move Your WhatsApp Chats Across Devices and Apps

It's never been easier to switch between iPhone and Android—and to get your messages out of the Meta ecosystem entirely.
The Register

We’re now truly in the era of ransomware as pure extortion without the encryption

Why screw around with cryptography and keys when just stealing the info is good enough Feature  US and European cops, prosecutors, and NGOs recently convened a two-day workshop in the Hague to discuss how to respond to the growing...