Monday, January 24, 2022

#122 – Leeann Nicolo: Go For It

Leeann Nicolo is the Incident Response lead at The Coalition and specializes in digital forensics and cyber investigations. She has conducted investigations into ransomware, phishing, hacking, data breaches, trade secret theft, and employee malfeasance. Leeann has investigated thousands of...

#121 – Shannon Brazil: Teach Business to Tech People

Shannon Brazil is a Senior Cyber Security Specialist working within a CIRT of a Canadian Fortune 500. She has been in IT for over 12 years, with the last three years in Cybercrime investigations with law enforcement and recently...

#120 – Cimone Wright-Hamor: Cybersecurity Is An Applied Field

Cimone Wright-Hamor works at Pacific Northwest National Laboratory (PNNL) as a cybersecurity researcher while pursuing a Ph.D. in Computer Engineering at Iowa State University. She has spent the last decade of her life interning at a variety of organizations....

#119 – Jenna Waters: This Is My Team

Jenna Waters is a Cybersecurity Consultant at True Digital Security where she specializes in information security program development, industry compliance assessments, threat intelligence, and cloud security controls. She is an experienced professional who consults with companies across multiple industries...

#118 – Nato Riley: Reinvent Reality and Reinvent the World

Nato Riley is an Integrations Engineer at Blumira and the Co-founder of Cloud Underground. Nato provides infrastructure, code, and security across all his efforts and is focused on helping Blumira build the most effective and efficient SIEM on the...

#117 – Sara Avery: Go After What You Want

Sara Avery is a Regional Sales Manager at Zscaler. She has held various positions over the past 20 years in the Information Technology field and discovered her passion for information security 15 years ago. Her career has largely been...

#116 – Jennifer Brown: This Is A Wakeup Call

Jennifer Brown is an award-winning entrepreneur, speaker, diversity and inclusion consultant, and author. As the successful founder, president, and CEO of Jennifer Brown Consulting, headquartered in New York City, Jennifer is responsible for designing workplace strategies that have been...

#115 – Alyssa Miller: We Are Lacking Empathy

Alyssa Miller leads the security strategy for S&P Global Ratings as Business Information Security Officer (BISO), connecting corporate security objectives to business initiatives. She blends a unique mix of technical expertise and executive presence to bridge the gap that...

#114 – Chloé Messdaghi: How Can We Do Better

Chloé Messdaghi is the Chief Strategist at Point3 Security. In addition to her passion for keeping people safe and empowered both on and offline, she is also interested in increasing the numbers of marginalized genders in information security. She...

#113 – Julian Waits: Diversity of Thought

Julian Waits is the general manager of cybersecurity at Devo Technology. He has over 30 years of experience in senior leadership roles at technology companies, specializing in security, risk, and threat detection.He serves on several industry boards, including the...

#112: Douglas Brush – Pain Is Inevitable, Suffering Is Optional

This is the last episode in the five-part series on mental health, self-care, and neurodiversity. This will not be the last time I speak about these issues on the podcast. I encourage everyone to take these issues seriously and...

#111 – Danny Akacki: Work Worth Doing

Danny Akacki is just a storyteller perpetually looking for a stage. He loves nothing more than attending conferences, giving talks, writing blogs, and finding new ways to reach as many people as he can to educate about cybersecurity. For...

AT&T announces multi-gigabit fiber: $110 a month for 2Gbps, $180 for 5Gbps

Enlarge (credit: Getty Images | zf L) AT&T has started offering 2Gbps and 5Gbps symmetrical Internet speeds over its fiber-to-the-home network, the telecom company announced today. The multi-gigabit speeds are...

Registration for the (ISC)² Entry-Level Cybersecurity Certification Exam Pilot Program Is Now Open

New certification validates students' and career changers' foundational skills and helps kickstart their cybersecurity careers.

DC, 3 States Sue Google Saying it Invades Users' Privacy

The District of Columbia and three states are suing Google for allegedly deceiving consumers and invading their privacy by making it nearly impossible for them to stop their location from being tracked. read more
Security Affairs

A flaw in Rust Programming language could allow to delete files and directories

The maintainers of the Rust programming language fixed a high-severity flaw that could allow attackers to delete files and directories from a vulnerable system. The maintainers of the Rust programming language have released a security update for a high-severity...

Personal identifying information for 1.5 billion users was stolen in 2021, but from where?

Threat intelligence company Black Kite found that the majority of attacks were against healthcare providers, involved ransomware and succeeded thanks to software vulnerabilities.