Thursday, October 1, 2020

Russia’s Fancy Bear Hackers Likely Penetrated a US Federal Agency

New clues indicate that APT28 may be behind a mysterious intrusion that US officials disclosed last week.

Trump Pushed 11 False Claims About Voting in 8 Minutes During the Debate

The president's assault on electoral integrity threatens to undermine the democratic process. We unpack each falsehood, mischaracterization, and lie.

Trump and the Limits of Content Moderation

The president’s televised encouragement of white supremacy and political violence was a reminder that social media didn’t create these problems.

‘Where Law Ends’ Review: How the Mueller Investigation Fell Flat

Prosecutor Andrew Weissmann's Where Law Ends doesn't fill the hole at the center of the Trump-Russia probe, but does help explain why it's there.

A Ransomware Attack Has Struck a Major US Hospital Chain

“All computers are completely shut down,” one United Health Services employee told WIRED.

The Election Threats That Keep US Intelligence Up at Night

Government officials have increasingly sounded alarms on the risks of foreign interference and disinformation campaigns leading up to—and after—November 3.

The Android 11 Privacy and Security Features You Should Know

Many of the updates to Google's mobile OS are behind the scenes—but they can help you control your app permissions and keep your data safe.

Windows XP Source Code Got Leaked All Over the Internet

Plus: A cruel phishing test, ransomware hits Russia, and more of the week's top security news.

The Best Chrome Extensions to Prevent Creepy Web Tracking

Ad trackers follow you everywhere online—but it doesn’t have to be that way.

Facebook Busts Russian Disinfo Networks as US Election Looms

The campaigns primarily targeted countries outside the US. But the same mechanisms could be used in “hack and leak” operations like those that roiled the 2016 campaign.

How Twitter Survived Its Biggest Hack—and Plans to Stop the Next One

On July 15, Twitter melted down. On Election Day, that's not an option.

A Tip From a Kid Helped Uncover a Slew of Scam Apps

After a girl reported a suspicious TikTok profile, researchers detected aggressive adware in apps that had been downloaded 2.4 million times.

CryptoHarlem’s Founder Warns Against ‘Digital Stop and Frisk’

On Day 2 of WIRED’s virtual conference, hacker Matt Mitchell cautions that law enforcement routinely trawls social media to surveil protestors.

179 Arrested in Massive Global Dark Web Takedown

Operation Disruptor is an unprecedented international law enforcement effort, stemming from last year’s seizure of a popular underground bazaar called Wall Street Market.

Think Twice Before Using Facebook, Google, or Apple to Sign In Everywhere

So-called single sign-on options offer a lot of convenience. But they have downsides that a good old fashioned password manager doesn't.

The Cheating Scandal That Ripped the Poker World Apart

Mike Postle was on an epic winning streak at a California casino. Veronica Brill thought he had to be playing dirty. Let the chips fall where they may.

The iOS 14 Privacy and Security Features You Should Know

The latest update for your iPhone and iPad will make them safer than ever.

A Bluetooth Flaw Leaves Billions of Devices Vulnerable

Indictments against Iranian hackers, a Veterans Affairs data breach, and more of the week's top security news.

A Patient Dies After a Ransomware Attack Hits a Hospital

The outage resulted in a significant delay in treatment. German authorities are investigating the perpetrators on suspicion of negligent manslaughter.

Gen Z Has a Plan to Save the Election—Starting With the Polls

Poll workers, who skew elderly, are in short supply during the pandemic. Meet some of the young people trying to make up the gap.

Russian Gets 7 Years in Prison for Linkedin, Dropbox & Formspring Hacks

A Russian man received a seven-year prison sentence for having hacked into computers belonging to LinkedIn, Dropbox and Formspring. On September 30, Honorable William H. Alsup, U.S. District Judge for the Northern District of California, sentenced Yevgeniy Alexandrovich Nikulin,...
Bruce Schneier

Detecting Deep Fakes with a Heartbeat

Researchers can detect deep fakes because they don’t convincingly mimic human blood circulation in the face: In particular, video of a person’s face contains subtle shifts in color that result from pulses in blood circulation. You might imagine that these...

Anthem to Pay Nearly $40M Settlement Over 2015 Cyberattack

Health insurer Anthem has agreed to another multimillion-dollar settlement over a cyberattack on its technology that exposed the personal information of nearly 79 million people. read more

#BeCyberSmart – why friends don’t let friends get scammed

Friends don't let friends get scammed. Because cybercrime hurts us all.
IBM Security

Why a Security Maturity Model Can Transform How You Use Analytics

With cyberattacks and breaches on the rise, security should be a major concern for all companies. In particular, enabling the development of an analytics maturity model is a useful addition to your traditional security information and event management (SIEM)-based...