Thursday, October 29, 2020
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Female CISOs lead global enterprises through unprecedented change

When the pandemic pushed state workers in Colorado home, the state’s security department “became the heroes,” said Deborah Blyth, chief information security officer of State of Colorado. They “saw a new value in our organization,” as the department toiled to...
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‘Zombie’ Ryuk ransomware group returns from the grave

A resurgence of the so-called UNC 1878 hacking group has emerged, most recently linked to a string of ransomware attacks on hospitals. (Source: FBI) The so-called UNC 1878 hacking group, which is reportedly behind a string of ransomware attacks...
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With Kimsuky APT advisory, gov’t finally shares actionable information

Security researchers have sharply criticized the government in the past for not offering enough detail and guidance about ongoing cyberthreats, but a recent government advisory on the North Korean advanced persistent threat (APT) group Kimsuky offered some of the...
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‘Everybody wants a unicorn’: As companies seek to align cyber with business, enter the BISO

Pictured: A branch of Japanese banking and financial services company MUFG. (Suikotei, CC BY-SA 4.0 via Wikimedia Commons) CISO vs. BISO. Two job titles separated by a single letter. Everyone recognizes the chief information security officer as the senior IT executive...
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Finnish psychotherapy center fires CEO for suppressing breach details

Finnish psychotherapy center Vastaamo, which was blackmailed after experiencing a ransomware data breach, fired its CEO Ville Tapio for holding back information on the hack for close to 18 months. Based on investigations into the incident, it seems probable that...
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Fired Amazon employee shared customer email addresses with third party

Amazon has fired an employee who disclosed customer email addresses to a third party. “No other information related to your account was shared,” Amazon said in a message to customers. “This is not a result of anything you have done...
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Sopra Steria confirms new Ryuk version behind cyberattack on its operations

A new variant of Ryuk ransomware previously unknown to antivirus software providers and security agencies was behind a cyberattack Sopra Steria’s operations, the digital services company has confirmed. Sopra Steria’s investigation teams immediately provided authorities with all the information...
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Dr. Reddy Labs discloses cyberattack soon after getting ok for final COVID vaccine trial

Indian pharmaceutical company Dr. Reddy Laboratories reported a cyber attack about a week after the company was granted permission to begin its final stage trials for a Russian COVID-19 vaccine. In a statement released by Dr. Reddy’s to the National...
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Forrester: Insider threats, online sellers and non-U.S. cyber investment likely to rise

Ever since the COVID-19 pandemic hit, businesses around the world have been grappling with the fallout and changing their IT operations on the fly. That has many research firms scrambling to revisit their IT or security market forecasts and...
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How science selects a password policy

There’s no shortage of advice for how chief information security officers should design password policies. Cycle passwords every six months. Include a special character, a capital and a lower case. Minimum of eight characters. But as anyone who has...
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Forget getting the seat at the table. I built my own table and want you to sit with me.

A lunch event takes place in the boardroom of the National Retail Federation November 27, 2006 in Washington, DC. (Photo by Brendan Smialowski/Getty Images) According to a recent study by Cybersecurity Ventures, women make up approximately 20 percent of...
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Advanced stress protection for advanced persistent stress

In medical terms “stress” is a state of physiological imbalance in the body which has unpleasant emotional and cognitive components. Stress is caused by “stressor” and stressor is something that threatens one’s safety or well-being.  In reality, stress is what...
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Lisa Sotto: pressing compliance as the ‘high priestess of privacy’

Lisa Sotto, chairs the Global Privacy and Cybersecurity practice at the law firm Hunton Andrews Kurth LLP. (Ian Wagreich / U.S. Chamber of Commerce) After spending the better part of 2018 preparing clients like Proctor & Gamble and PepsiCo...
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Let’s start a new conversation about women

About a year before I joined SC Media, I wrote an editorial called “Wait, where are all the women?” I was specifically referring to Defense Department leadership, but it might as well have been about information technology. The diversity...
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Honorable mentions: Women making a mark

Maria Vello, chief executive of the Cyber Defence Alliance, speaking to SC Media in 2019. As is so often said for such things, the competition was fierce. And that could not be more true for the 2020 Women in IT Security...

Community College Continues to Investigate Cyberattack

A data breach at a North Carolina community college may have affected many of its current and former students. read more
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Ryuk this for a game of soldiers: Ransomware-flingers actively targeting hospitals in the US, cyber agencies warn

And infosec firms say it's only got worse over this year Ryuk ransomware is being aggressively deployed to target US healthcare institutions, government cyber organisations in the US have warned.…

How Healthcare Organizations Can Combat Ransomware

The days of healthcare organizations relying solely on endpoint security software to stop attacks are over. Here are six ways that healthcare providers can fight the ever-present threat.

All Tricks And No Treat: Preparing For IT Chaos In 2021

If we've learned anything from this challenging year, it's to prepare for the worst. It's likely that 2021 will be full of unexpected challenges, from cybersecurity threats to data breaches, and businesses must put together emergency recovery plans immediately.

Why Defense, Not Offense, Will Determine Global Cyber Powers

Darktrace director of strategic threat Marcus Fowlers explains what to expect from nation-state attackers in the months to come -- and why kindergarten classes are a good model for solid cybersecurity.