Tuesday, May 21, 2019
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Report: Google, Intel, Qualcomm Suspend Business With Huawei

The Chinese manufacturer loses access to Android updates, the Play Store, and YouTube, as the Trump administration adds the company to a trade blacklist.
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How to Manage Your Website Passwords With Firefox Lockbox

Firefox Lockbox helps with password management on mobile devices and the web. Here's how to get started with Mozilla's free password manager.
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This AI Can Recreate Podcast Host Joe Rogan’s Voice To Say Anything

'In the next few years (or even sooner), we'll see the technology advance to the point where only a few seconds of audio are needed to create a life-like replica of anyone's voice on the planet,' the researchers at...
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How (and Why) to Change Your DNS Server

The Domain Name System is an essential part of your internet communications. Upgrading to a better DNS server can make your surfing both faster and more secure.
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Slack Patches Windows App Bug That Could’ve Been Used for Spying

The flaw involves Slack's Windows desktop app, and how it can automatically send downloaded files to a certain destination. A security researcher noticed you can create special links to trigger the app to send downloaded files to an outside...
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11 Tips to Speed Up Windows 10

Windows 10 is faster than the previous versions of Microsoft's OS, but you can still optimize your PC's performance. Learn how to make your computer run faster with our tips.
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Will Google’s New Privacy Plans Really Protect You From Google?

Google says it's focusing on privacy and security this year, and while the company's plan has much that is good, does it really change anything? Security expert Max Eddy weighs in.
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Europol Dismantles of Global Cybercrime Network

The network attempted to steal over $100 million using the GozNym malware from more than 41,000 victims, most of which were business and financial institutions.
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Trump Poised To Ban Huawei Tech With New Executive Order

In issuing the executive order, Trump declared a national emergency over foreign threats attempting to exploit vulnerabilities in the US's tech infrastructure. 'Such openness must be balanced by the need to protect our country against critical national security threats.'...
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Google Recalls Bluetooth Titan Security Key Over Exploitable Bug

The problem deals with a misconfiguration in the product's Bluetooth pairing protocol. Google discovered it's possible for a nearby hacker to step in and hijack the Bluetooth pairing process during sign-in, although the attack is not easy to pull...
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Huawei Willing to Sign ‘No-Spy Agreement’ With UK Government

Huawei Chair Liang Hua argues that connections between Chinese companies and Chinese intelligence services are exaggerated, and a 'no-spy' deal should ease concerns.
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San Francisco Imposes Facial Recognition Ban

It doesn't matter which agency you work for, in San Francisco facial recognition software can't be used after the Board of Supervisors voted 8-to-1 to ban it.
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Facebook Responds to New Zealand Shooting With One Strike Policy

The social network is tightening the rules around content that violates its rules and policies, while at the same time investing in research to better detect manipulated media.
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New Intel Chip Flaws Can Leak Confidential Data From the CPU

Intel chips made as far back as 2011 appear to be affected. By exploiting the flaws, a piece of malware could extract data, such as passwords, application content or encryption keys, from PCs and cloud-based servers. Fortunately, mitigations are...
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Microsoft: Patch Old Windows Systems or Risk Computer Worm

Microsoft said it discovered a serious flaw in Windows 7, Windows XP and Windows Server 2003 and 2008 systems, which can be exploited to create 'wormable' malware capable of automatically spreading from one vulnerable machine to another.
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7 Huge Bug Bounty Payouts

Bug bounties are big business, with hundreds of thousands of dollars on the line. But there's always more to be had. Can you top these huge payouts?
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Most Americans Neglect Cyber Security Basics (Especially Mississippians)

On average, Americans scored 60 percent, or a D rating, on Webroot's "cyber hygiene" test. Those from Mississippi, Louisiana, and California scored the lowest.
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This WhatsApp Flaw Helped Send Spyware with a Voice Call

A bug in the app's VoIP function can let an attacker send specially-crafted data packets to pave the way for remote code execution over an Android or iOS device. According to WhatsApp, a spyware firm may have used the...
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Hackers Charged With Looting $2.4M in Crypto via SIM Swapping

According to federal investigators, the suspects resorted to bribing staffers at the mobile phone providers in order to take over various victims' mobile phone numbers. One SIM swapping scheme allowed them to steal $1.9 million.
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8 Ways Google Plans to Tackle Security and Privacy in 2019

Security and privacy were top of mind for Google execs at this year's I/O developer conference. Here are some of the things the search giant is working on for Android this year.

HawkEye Attack Wave Sends Stolen Data to Another Keylogger Provider

A recent attack wave involving HawkEye malware sends data stolen from its victims to another keylogger provider’s website. On 21 May, My Online Security came across a new sample of HawkEye. The actual delivery mechanism itself wasn’t unique compared...

Washington Issues Temporary License to Huawei

Washington Issues Temporary License to Huawei The US government has issued a temporary license to Huawei and its affiliates, allowing American companies to supply the telecoms and handset giant until August. Despite reports emerging over the weekend of various chipmakers...

GDPR: The Best Strategy For International Businesses

The EU’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) was created with the aim of homogenising data privacy laws across the EU. GDPR also applies to organisations outside the EU, if they monitor EU data subjects, or offer goods and services...
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How Cyber-Secure Are Business Travelers? New Report Says Not Very

I travel frequently for business — to industry conferences such as RSA Conference and Black Hat and meeting with clients. Whenever I travel, I bring my work laptop, my personal cellphone enabled with work email and calendar, and, of...

Haas F1 team leans on service providers as security force multipliers

If today’s cars are smartphones on wheels, then race cars are supercomputers with engines attached. As the fastest racing sport in the world, Formula One cars come laden with over 100 sensors measuring every aspect of a car’s internal...