Tuesday, March 19, 2019
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Germany’s Anti-Black Market Bill May Threaten Tor Network

The new bill is designed to close a loophole in local laws, which made it difficult to punish the operators of black market websites. But privacy experts fear the same bill will criminalize anyone who supports the dark web's...
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Bootleg Ariana Grande Album Used to Spread Malware Via WinRAR Flaw

The rigged copy of 'Thank U, Next' was designed to exploit a newly discovered flaw in WinRAR, a popular file compression tool. Unpacking the album with vulnerable versions of WinRAR can secretly deliver malware to your PC's Startup Folder.
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Pro-Trump App Threatens Expert for Finding Flaw in Code

The app, 63red Safe, has been grabbing headlines as Yelp-like service that can help conservatives find businesses and restaurants that'll welcome all political beliefs. But the app's code also contains a flaw that can leak user's data, according to...
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Firefox Launches ‘Send,’ a Free, Encrypted File Transfer Service

Firefox Send lets you 'safely and simply' share files from any browser. Mozilla also plans to launch Send as an Android app, which should be available in beta later this week.
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Shareable Links Expose Data in Box Enterprise Accounts

Misconfigured databases on Box expose sensitive information, including passport photos, Social Security numbers and corporate design files, according to security firm Adversis.
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Two-Factor Authentication: Who Has It and How to Set It Up

Everyone is concerned about online safety. Here's how to secure your online accounts, from Google to GoDaddy, with two-factor authentication (2FA).
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Cyber Warfare Is Still a Free-for-All

Nations are increasingly waging war through the internet with the rest of us stuck in the middle. At RSA, experts pondered what, if anything, can be done to make everyone play nice.
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VPN Provider Citrix Hacked, Up to 6TB of Data Accessed

A security firm that warned Citrix about the breach says the hackers stole at least 6TB of data and are part of an Iranian hacking group that's targeted more than 200 organizations.
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Send in the Troops? Let Malware Poke Around a Bit First

Major events in the political and military sphere are magnets for malware, says Comodo's Chief Research Scientist. 'You're not going to send in troops without malware anymore.'
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Email Marketing Firm Shuts Down After Exposing 800M Records

The 150GB database stored people's sensitive information online—in plain text with no password protection. When contacted by security researchers, the site was taken offline.
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Facebook Messenger Bug May Have Exposed Who You Chatted With

Imperva Security Researcher Ron Masas discovered the flaw and privately reported it to Facebook. The social network has already rolled out a fix.
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Election Influence Campaigns: Too Cheap for Scammers to Pass Up

The cost of targeting specific groups of voters is vanishingly small, while the cost of defending against bogus content is enormously high, according to James Foster, CEO at ZeroFOX.
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Public Data and Social Media Help Email Scammers Refine Attacks

What you post on social media and dating apps may also help scammers behind business email compromise attacks to craft more effective schemes in the event they try to phish you, according to a researcher who spoke at RSA.
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Google: Phishing Attacks That Can Beat Two-Factor Are on the Rise

Hackers have been refining their email phishing schemes to also nab the one-time passcode from two-factor authentication security setups, Google warns at RSA.
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Want to Hack a Satellite? It Might Be Easier Than You Think

Satellites suffer from many of the same security flaws as Earth-bound devices. At RSA, Bill Malik, VP of Infrastructure Strategies at Trend Micro, outlines how best to keep them safe.
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Stop What You’re Doing and Update Google Chrome

Google Chrome Security and Desktop Engineering Lead Justin Schuh says users should install the latest version of the browser – 72.0.3626.121 – right away.
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NSA: You’ll Be Seeing More of Us (in a Good Way)

Everyone knows the NSA cracks codes and fights cyberattacks, but the agency also has a significant defensive mission. At RSA, the NSA's Deputy National Manager for National Security Systems, Marianne Bailey, explains.
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Internet of Things Devices Have a Serious Security Problem

Your household is full of internet-aware devices, and most of them are woefully insecure, to the point where a hacker could take over the entire network by reaching in through your baby cam.
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Is Facebook Doing Enough to Stop Information Warfare?

When asked how the US might regulate Facebook and Twitter, executives from the two companies focused on transparency, as opposed to sweeping changes to content moderation or user accounts.
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When Fighting Nation-State Hackers, Move Fast, Experts Warn

Russian actors can move across a victim's corporate network within 20 minutes of first gaining access; North Korean hackers take two hours and Chinese hackers take about four.
SC Magazine

Norwegian aluminum producer Norsk Hydro hit by an unspecified cyberattack

Norwegian aluminum producer Norsk Hydro was hit by a cyber attack which began Monday evening and escalated into the night. The Norwegian National Security Authority (NSM) declined to comment on what type of attack it was but said the extent...
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Glitch exposes Sprint customer data to other users

A bug has allowed some Sprint customers to see the personal data of other customers from their online accounts. The information visible includes names, cell phone numbers as well as calls made by other users and, and a Tech Crunch report cited...

6 Ways Mature DevOps Teams Are Killing It in Security

New survey shows where "elite" DevOps organizations are better able to incorporate security into application security.
The Register

Ransomware drops the Lillehammer on Norsk Hydro: Aluminium giant forced into manual mode after systems scrambled

Norway the power and metals wrangler could have seen this one coming Norwegian power and metals giant Norsk Hydro is battling an extensive ransomware infection on its computers.…

Old Tech Spills Digital Dirt on Past Owners

Researcher buys old computers, flash drives, phones and hard drives and finds only two properly wiped devices out of 85 examined.