Saturday, July 20, 2019
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Browser Extensions Siphon Private Data From 4M Users, Then Leak It

Eight browser extensions for Chrome and Firefox were recently shut down after a security researcher uncovered how they were sending users' private data, including links to sensitive online documents, to a marketing intelligence firm.
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Why Google Can’t Solve the Privacy Paradox

Google has said that privacy and security are the focus for Android Q many of its other releases this year, but Senior Security Analyst Max Eddy explains that a company built on mapping and sorting data can't deliver perfect...
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Instagram to Send Warnings Before Disabling Your Account

Going forward, Instagram will provide warnings about impending account bans and give you a chance to appeal photo deletions.
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UK MPs Call for End to Government Facial-Recognition Trials

The UK House of Commons' Science and Technology Committee calls 'the legal basis of the trials into question,' and has concerns about how collected imagery is being handled.
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Email Scammers Are Earning $300M/Month in US

For very little work, scammers are collecting over $300 million every month in the US alone, mostly through fraudulent invoices.
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Data of Nearly All Bulgarians Stolen in Cyberattack

Hackers stole the information of 5 million Bulgarians from the National Revenue Agency. The data, which was sent to Bulgarian media, includes PINs, names, addresses, and earnings, alongside a database of faces.
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Thiel Accuses Google of Being Infiltrated by Chinese Intelligence

Thiel took issue with Google's decision not to work with the US military on certain projects while exploring a censored version of its search engine for China. In response, Google reiterated that it does not work with the Chinese...
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Instagram Flaw Could’ve Let Hackers Break Into Your Account

A security researcher discovered a vulnerability in Instagram's account recovery process allowing him to 'brute-force' attack the photo app to break into a test account.
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UK Police Need to Put the Brakes on Facial Recognition

Police in the UK, backed by the government, are testing a facial-recognition system that is 20 percent accurate and treating those who avoid its gaze as potential suspects.
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Ransomware Attackers Demand $2 Million From NYC College

For now, the New York City-based Monroe College is declining to say whether it'll pay the $2 million ransom demand. The incident comes after two cities in Florida were hit with ransomware attacks and decided to pay up.
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Microsoft Tests Windows 10 Sign-In Options That Ditch the Passwords

To access your PC and Microsoft accounts, you'll be able to sign in with Windows Hello, use a fingerprint scan, a PIN number, or a USB security key.
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‘Agent Smith’ Android Malware Infected 25M Devices

The malware disguised itself as the Google Updater and modified apps such as WhatsApp, Opera Mini, and Flipkart with a malicious ads module.
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Eavesdropping Bug Forces Apple to Disable Walkie-Talkie App

The app contained a vulnerability allowing someone to listen in on your iPhone without consent. Apple doesn't think anyone took advantage of the security hole, though.
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UK Security Breach Fines Should Be a Wake-Up Call for Big Business

British Airways and Marriott say they are 'disappointed' by fines imposed by UK regulators for massive security breaches. But what else is going to wake them up? Money talks, and in a post-GDPR world, private companies with lackluster security...
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Trump Cannot Block Twitter Users, Appeals Court Rules

President Trump's Twitter account must be open to the public, a US Circuit Court of Appeals rules. Twitter also bans religious hate speech as part of its dehumanization policy.
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Video Conferencing App Can Let Hackers Spy on Mac Webcams

The Zoom app is designed to seamlessly let businesses hold video conference meetings by clicking on a web link. But the same feature can also be abused by hackers to spy on Mac web cameras, according to a security...
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British Airways Fined $229M for 2018 Data Breach

The fine is the largest ICO has levied against a company, far outweighing the £500,000 Facebook had to pay for the Cambridge Analytica scandal.
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How to Secure Your Apple Account with Two-Factor Authentication

Two-factor authentication applies an extra layer of security by requiring a password and a verification code. How do you set it up? Read on.
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Nokia Exec: Huawei’s 5G Technology Is a Security Risk

The Finnish company's CTO referenced a report from US security firm Finite State, which found that Huawei devices carry greater security risks. Nokia is a direct competitor with Huawei in 5G networking equipment.
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Police Body Camera Vendor Says No To Facial Recognition

For now, Axon has decided against incorporating 'face matching' technology to the company's body cameras over ethical concerns. However, Axon's AI team will continue to evaluate the technology.

Cisco Patches Critical Flaw in Vision Dynamic Signage Director

Cisco this week released a security patch for the Vision Dynamic Signage Director, to address a Critical vulnerability that could allow attackers to execute arbitrary actions on the local system.  Tracked as CVE-2019-1917, the vulnerability was found in the REST...

The Great Hack: the film that goes behind the scenes of the Facebook data scandal

This week, a Netflix documentary on Cambridge Analytica sheds light on one of the most complex scandals of our time. Carole Cadwalladr, who broke the story and appears in the film, looks at the fallout – and finds ‘surveillance...

Scotland Yard Twitter and Emails Hacked

London's Metropolitan Police apologised Saturday after its Twitter, emails and news pages were targeted by hackers and began pumping out a series of bizarre messages. read more

Browser Extensions Scraped Data From Millions of People

Slack passwords, NSO spyware, and more of the week's top security news.

Hackers breach FSB contractor, expose Tor deanonymization project and more

SyTech, the hacked company, was working on research projects for the FSB, Russia's intelligence service.