Thursday, July 19, 2018

Google hit with $5.1b fine in EU’s Android antitrust case

This could mean the end of free Android. In the meantime, Google plans to appeal.

Trends in malware – ransomware, cryptojacking, what next? [PODCAST]

Catch up with Day 3 of our Security SOS Week - here's the third episode of our week-long online security summit.

Automated money-laundering scheme found in free-to-play games

The scammers automatically created iOS accounts with valid email accounts, then automatically used stolen cards to buy and resell stuff.

Venmo users: time to hide your drug deals and excessive pizza consumption

To its fans, Venmo is a hassle-free P2P app that lets anyone living in the US send money to friends, split a restaurant bill, pay for a ride on Uber, or buy a hotel room. To the security conscious,...

Could semantic icons replace passwords and PINs?

SemanticLock replaces passwords, PINs and patterns with a sequence of graphical icons which work semantically.

21-year-old spy tool developer faces prison

Luminosity RAT sold for as little as $39.99 and could spy, steal passwords, mine cryptocurrency, and launch DDoSes.

“Astoundingly stupid” Kodak (not really) Bitcoin miner bites the dust

Deemed a scam from its CES debut, Kodak says KashMiner was never licensed, and its promised payouts portrayed ignorance of how Bitcoin works.

Don’t take fright – get web security right [PODCAST]

Catch up with Day 2 of our Security SOS Week - here's the second episode of our week-long online security summit.

How to spoof someone’s GPS navigation to send them the wrong way

Researchers have for the first time demonstrated that it’s possible to spoof turn-by-turn GPS road navigation to send users to specific wrong locations.

Welcome to the wonderful world of GDPR! Where next? [PODCAST]

Catch up with Day 1 of our Security SOS Week - here's the first episode of our week-long online security summit.

Guy jailed for refusing to unlock phones

The phones are new, he said, and he can't remember the passcodes.

Twitter shutters accounts linked to US election hacking

The move comes after special counsel Robert Mueller's indictment of 12 Russians believed to have used the accounts as fronts in US election hacking.

Facebook refuses to remove fake news, but will demote it

Facebook last week grappled with journalists' questions about how serious its fight against fakery is, given it puts up with InfoWars.

Twitter pops a lot of famous people’s follower bubbles

It wiped out accounts locked due to misbehavior, obliterating about 4 followers for non-famous mortals and millions for the glitterati.

USB Restricted Mode in iOS 11.4.1 now available to all iPhone users

The latest version of iOS includes bug fixes and at least one new feature that might be of interest to security-minded users.

Ex-Apple engineer charged with stealing self-driving car secrets

He was arrested on his way to China to start a job at autonomous vehicle start-up Xiaopeng Motors, Apple said in court documents.

Sextortion scam knows your password, but don’t fall for it

The scam emails claim to have compromising video of you, and back it up by showing you one of your passwords.

Facebook ordered to let grieving mother in to dead daughter’s account

The girl's parents want access to her account to see if her death was the result of cyberbullying.

Linux, malware and data breaches – what can we learn? [VIDEO]

We think Gentoo Linux did a good job in a bad situation following its recent malware invasion, and we can all learn something from that.

“Bitcoins for cash in bags” trader gets 12 months in prison

This former stockbroker dealt with murky clients, including one she knew only as "David", aka "Pirate Sh*t".

Why the Best Defense Is a Good Offensive Security Strategy

When many people think about offensive security, they picture a mysterious figure wearing a hoodie, sitting behind a black-and-green terminal, diligently typing away as he probes enterprise networks. But the cybersecurity world has evolved well beyond this Hollywood hacker...

Google hit with $5.1b fine in EU’s Android antitrust case

This could mean the end of free Android. In the meantime, Google plans to appeal.

Privacy Advocates Say Kelsey Smith Act Gives Police Too Much Power

This bill making its way through Congress would allow law enforcement to more easily uncover location data for cell phones from mobile carriers in an emergency.

IDG Contributor Network: Hack like a CISO

I have written several times over the last couple of years about how the role of today’s CISOs have changed and are now more tuned to support business activities and the management of enterprise risk. Serving an organization as...

Cisco patches critical vulnerabilities in Policy Suite

One of the worst security flaws permits attackers to act as root and execute arbitrary code.