Monday, September 23, 2019

Investors accuse FedEx of lying, stock dumping after NotPetya attack

This is the second such suit, with shareholders asking why execs sold $40m+ of their shares while downplaying the ransomware attack.

Google pulls more fake adblockers from Chrome Web Store

Google has again been reprimanded for not spotting fake extensions impersonating popular brands in its Chrome Web Store.

Could EarEcho change the way we authenticate our phones?

Researchers have discovered a way to use wireless earbuds as a biometric authentication system.

Two charged with tech-support scamming the elderly for $10m

The tech-support scammers were allegedly part of a network of crooks in the US and India who conned about 7,500 victims.

WannaCry – and why it never went away

WannaCry still hasn't died out, more than two years after the original attack. We went live to find out why...

Monday review – the hot 22 stories of the week

From the Simjacker phone hack to IBM's cloud-based quantum computer - and everything in between. It's the weekly security roundup.

Server-squashing zero-day published for phpMyAdmin tool

A researcher has just published a zero-day security bug in one of the web's most popular database administration software packages.

IBM’s new 53-qubit quantum ‘mainframe’ is live in the cloud

IBM has boosted its growing stable of quantum computers with a new 53-quantum bit (qubit) device, the most powerful ever offered for commercial use.

Report: Use of AI surveillance is growing around the world

It's not just China: at least 75 out of 176 countries globally are actively using AI technologies for surveillance purposes, research shows.

Facebook Libra rejected by France as “dangerous”

France finance minister: Libra won't be allowed onto European soil.

Air Force to offer up a satellite to hackers at Defcon 2020

This year, the Air Force presented vetted hackers with a plane's subsystem, which they duly tore up. Next year, it will be a satellite.

Researchers find 737 million medical images exposed on the internet

Of the 2,300 archiving systems looked at, 590 were accessible from the internet, exposing 24 million medical records from 52 countries.

US files suit against Snowden to keep book profits out of his hands

The government, alleging that Snowden violated NDAs with the CIA and NSA, isn't looking to stop the book's publication or distribution.

S2 Ep9: DDoSes, privacy and network hacks – Naked Security Podcast

The latest Naked Security Podcast is live - listen now!

No surprises in the top 25 most dangerous software errors

An in-depth study of reported bugs has produced a list of the top 25 bug categories in software today - with some old familiar names topping the list.

WannaCry – the worm that just won’t die

WannaCry never went away - it just became less obvious.

Is $100 million enough to save the web from ads?

Mozilla, Creative Commons and Coil are teaming up to launch a $100m fund to drive out advertising and advocate privacy across the web.

Leaky database spills data on 20 million Ecuadorians and businesses

Included are deep details on 7 million minors, one grownup named Julian Assange, and perhaps a few million deceased Ecuadorians.

Common storage and router devices are still hopelessly broken

Don’t be lulled into a false sense of security by that shiny new router or network-attached storage (NAS) device - the chances are that it’s no more secure than its predecessors.

Teenage gamer jailed over lethal swatting

Casey Viner got into a spat over a $1.50 wager in a Call of Duty World War II game that led to the fatal shooting of an innocent man.
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Ning Wang – Offensive Security

Ning WangCEO Offensive Security Why Nominated: Ning Wang is a rising star has worked to break the boundaries in the security industry, so that people can see that anyone is capable of starting a career in cybersecurity and advancing it –...
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Dani Martínez – IOActive

Dani MartínezSecurity ConsultantIOActive Why nominated: Dani Martínez proved to be a self-starter, beginning his career in IT he soon developed an interest in cybersecurity and began taking online courses in his spare time. Martínez also dove write in and began a cybersecurity blog...
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Maurice Stebila – Harman, a Samsung Company

Maurice StebilaDigital Security,Compliance and Privacy OfficerHarman, a Samsung Company Why nominated: Maurice Stebila has spent more than 30 years in the automotive, manufacturing and financial services industry supporting two of the world’s largest companies – EDS/General Motors and Harman by Samsung...
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Ed Adams – Security Innovation

Ed AdamsPresident and CEOSecurity Innovation Why Nominated: A highly respected veteran of the cybersecurity industry, Security Innovation CEO Ed Adams has taken on several new leadership roles in the year or so. Last April, he was named to board of directors of...
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David Archer – Galois

David ArcherPrincipal scientistGalois Why Nominated: Archer, an advocate for preserving privacy of data even when it’s used in decision-making both within the U.S. at all levels of government as well as internationally, directs research in privacy-preserving information technologies. Profile:  David Archer is all...