Monday, January 30, 2023

Serious Security: The Samba logon bug caused by outdated crypto

Enjoy our Serious Security deep dive into this real-world example of why cryptographic agility is important!

Hive ransomware servers shut down at last, says FBI

Unfortunately, you've probably already heard the cliche that "cybercrime abhors a vacuum"...

Dutch suspect locked up for alleged personal data megathefts

Undercover Austrian "controlled data buy" leads to Amsterdam arrest and ongoing investigation. Suspect is said to steal and sell all sorts of data, including medical records.

S3 Ep119: Breaches, patches, leaks and tweaks! [Audio + Text]

Lastest episode - listen now! (Or read the transcript.)

GoTo admits: Customer cloud backups stolen together with decryption key

We were going to write, "Once more unto the breach, dear friends, once more"... but it seems to go without saying these days.

Apple patches are out – old iPhones get an old zero-day fix at last!

Don't delay, especially if you're still running an iOS 12 device... please do it today!

Serious Security: How dEliBeRaTe tYpOs might imProVe DNS security

It's a really cool and super-simple trick. The question is, "Will it help?"

T-Mobile admits to 37,000,000 customer records stolen by “bad actor”

Once more, it's time for Shakespeare's words: Once more unto the breach...

S3 Ep118: Guess your password? No need if it’s stolen already! [Audio + Text]

As always: entertaining, informative and educational... and not bogged down with jargon! Listen (or read) now...

Serious Security: Unravelling the LifeLock “hacked passwords” story

Four straight-talking tips to improve your online security, whether you're a LifeLock customer or not.

GitHub says hackers cloned code-signing certificates in breached repository

Enlarge GitHub said unknown intruders gained unauthorized access to some of its code repositories and stole code-signing certificates for two of its desktop applications: Desktop and Atom. Code-signing certificates place...
Security Affairs

QNAP addresses a critical flaw impacting its NAS devices

Taiwanese vendor QNAP is warning customers to install QTS and QuTS firmware updates to address a critical flaw impacting its NAS devices. QNAP released QTS and QuTS firmware updates to address a critical vulnerability, tracked as CVE-2022-27596 (CVSS v3 score: 9.8), that...
The Register

Chromebook SH1MMER exploit promises admin jailbreak

Schools' laptops are out if this one gets around, but beware bricking Users of enterprise-managed Chromebooks now, for better or worse, have a way to break the shackles of administrative control through an exploit called SHI1MMER.…

MusicLM: Google AI generates music in various genres at 24 kHz

Enlarge / An AI-generated image of an exploding ball of music. (credit: Ars Technica) On Thursday, researchers from Google announced a new generative AI model called MusicLM that can create...

Russia's Sandworm APT Launches Swarm of Wiper Attacks in Ukraine

The incidents are the latest indication of the growing popularity of dangerous disk wipers, created to disrupt and degrade critical infrastructure and other organizations.