Tuesday, September 27, 2022

Uber and Rockstar – has a LAPSUS$ linchpin just been busted (again)?

Is this the same suspect as before? Is he part of LAPSUS$? Is this the man who hacked Uber and Rockstar? And, if so, who else?

Morgan Stanley fined millions for selling off devices full of customer PII

Critical data on old disks always seems inaccessible if you really need it. But when you DON''T want it back, guess what happens...

S3 Ep101: Uber and LastPass breaches – is 2FA all it’s cracked up to be? [Audio + Text]

Latest episode - listen now! Learn why adopting 2FA isn't a reason to relax your other security precautions...

Interested in cybersecurity? Join us for Security SOS Week 2022!

Four one-on-one interviews with experts who are passionate about sharing their expertise with the community.

LastPass source code breach – incident response report released

Wondering how you'd handle a data breach report if the worst happened to you? Here's a useful example.

S3 Ep100.5: Uber breach – an expert speaks [Audio + Text]

Chester Wisniewski on what we can learn from Uber: "Just because a big company didn't have the security they should doesn't mean you can't."

UBER HAS BEEN HACKED, boasts hacker – how to stop it happening to you

Uber is all over the news for a widely-publicised data breach. We help you answer the question, "How do I stop this happening to me?"

S3 Ep100: Imagine you went to the moon – how would you prove it? [Audio + Text]

Latest episode - listen now! Cosmic rockets, zero-days, tracking cybercrooks, and unlocking the DEADBOLT...

Serious Security: Browser-in-the-browser attacks – watch out for windows that aren’t!

It sounds like a scam that could never work: use a picture of browser and convince the user it's a real browser. You might be surprised...
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Ukraine fears ‘massive’ Russian cyberattacks on power, infrastructure

Will those be before or after the nuke strikes Putin keeps banging on about? Russia plans to conduct "massive cyberattacks" on Ukraine and its allies' critical infrastructure and energy sector, according to Kyiv.…

BrandPost: Extortion Economics: Ransomware’s New Business Model

Did you know that over 80% of ransomware attacks can be traced to common configuration errors in software and devices? This ease of access is one of many reasons why cybercriminals have become emboldened by the underground ransomware economy.And...

Police ‘all over’ dark web ransom threat to release 10,000 customer records a day, Optus CEO says

Purported hackers post ultimatum demanding $1m within four days after massive Optus data breachFollow our Australia news live blog for the latest updatesGet our free news app, morning email briefing or daily news podcastThe chief executive of Optus, Kelly...

Barracuda Unveils New Capabilities To Protect Against Persistent And Evolving Threats

Barracuda announced a number of product enhancements and innovative new capabilities at its recent Secured.22 virtual conference to expand the protection for customers and help them defend against the latest cyber threats.

Zoho ManageEngine flaw is actively exploited, CISA warns

A remote code execution vulnerability in Zoho's ManageEngine, a popular IT management solution for enterprises, is being exploited in the wild. The US Cybersecurity & Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA) added the flaw to its catalog of known exploited vulnerabilities...