Tuesday, March 31, 2020

From Stop-Gap To Sustainable: Securing IT’s New Normal

The global pandemic is challenging the world to creatively and intelligently adapt to rapid change. People and organizations must define their new normal while adjusting to sweeping modifications such as social distancing and extensive remote work. For IT leaders,...

Ten Work-From-Home Cybersecurity And Productivity Tips

Social distancing is a term applied to certain actions that are taken by Public Health officials to stop or slow down the spread of a highly contagious disease such as COVID-19. Out of an abundance of caution and following...

The Rise Of The Chief Cybercrime Officer

The TalkTalk data breach in 2015 was monumental for the cyber security industry. At the time, data breaches were hardly new, but this particular breach resulted in UK MPs recommending that an officer should be appointed with day-to-day responsibility...

How To Become A Kick-Ass DevSecOps Engineer

Much like technology itself, the tools, techniques and optimum processes for developing code evolve quickly. We humans have an insatiable need for more software, more features, more functionality… and we want it faster than ever before, more qualitative, and...

Endpoint Security: Chain Of Trust Or Chain Of Fools?

The concept of trust is getting more attention these days. IDC has estimated security spending to reach $151 billion by 2023, noting a ‘C-level focus on trust’ as a key growth driver. Trust, according to IDC, now encompasses security, risk and...

Will The GDPR Frustrate Europe’s Plans For AI?

The EU plans to become the most attractive, secure and dynamic data-agile economy in the world. The Commission’s new digital strategy includes an ambition for the EU to seize new opportunities in digitised industry and business-to-business artificial intelligence (AI)...

Coronavirus As An Opportunity To Evolve Security Architecture

Self-quarantined employees are forcing organizations to allow access to critical data remotely. Coronavirus is presenting organizations with a unique opportunity to adopt modern security protocols and enable an efficient remote workforce. Fear of Coronavirus infections has resulted in organizations...

9 Vulnerability Management Pitfalls To Avoid

Vulnerability management (VM) can seem unmanageable at times. But the key to successful VM is working smarter rather than harder. If you approach VM intelligently and prioritize appropriately, you can keep the number of resulting tasks from spiraling out...

Conquering Compliance With Backup And Recovery

“According to the recently-published DLA Piper GDPR Data Breach Survey 2020, more than 160,000 data breach notifications have been reported across Europe since the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) came into force in May 2018. The survey also found that...

TikTok – Should Retailers And Brands Be Prepared Or Scared?

The last 12 months have seen a number of social media giants take the leap and enter the ecommerce market in a bid to expand their offering. The latest example of this is TikTok, which has roughly 625 million active users. According...

Can Bargain Hunting Put Your Company At Risk?

We’re all guilty of it. Finder.com estimates that Americans spend nearly two hours a day shopping online while at work, presumably using work machines. Whether scoping out springtime sales or putting that tax refund to use, this habit effectively...

The State Of Vulnerabilities In 2019

Web application vulnerabilities are often caused by application design flaws and misconfigured web servers. They can be particularly easy targets for hackers who look to take advantage of system security flaws.  With more web application security solutions now readily...

The Future Of 5G May Be Bright, But Is It Secure?

5G is here to replace not just legacy cellular standards, but a multitude of other wireless and wired communication standards and therefore its scope will cover personal use, business operations, transportation and smart city infrastructure. This, together with its...

Reducing The Risk Of ICO Enforcement Notices And Penalties Under The GDPR

Since the GDPR regulations came into force on 25 May 2018, there have been hundreds of thousands of GDPR breaches resulting in enforcement action for non-compliance and /or penalties for data protection breaches. With regards to the latter, regulators...

Global Tension Points To A Future Of Destructive Malware

Geopolitical tension has a long-tail effect in cyberspace. In the aftermath of major political or military incidents, beneath the public posturing, nation state cyber actors are already under orders to conduct campaigns aimed at countering the incident, spreading disinformation...

Huawei’s Worrying New China Problem Just Got Worse: Here’s Why

Huawei used its 2019 results to threaten retaliation against the U.S. But the company now has serious problems closer to home.

Palantir, The $20 Billion, Peter Thiel-Backed Big Data Giant, Is Providing A Coronavirus Monitoring Tool To The CDC

Palantir will help the Centers for Disease Control keep on top of ventilator and mask needs to treat coronavirus victims, sources say.

Defense Evasion Dominated 2019 Attack Tactics

Researchers mapped tactics and techniques to the MITRE ATT&CK framework to determine which were most popular last year.

Watering-Holes Target Asian Ethnic Victims with Flash Update Decoy

About 10 compromised websites employ a multi-stage, targeted effort to fingerprint and compromise victims.

OpenWRT is vulnerable to attacks that execute malicious code

Enlarge (credit: OpenWRT) For almost three years, OpenWRT—the open source operating system that powers home routers and other types of embedded systems—has been vulnerable to remote code-execution attacks because updates were delivered over an unencrypted channel and digital...