Tuesday, January 28, 2020

How Machine Learning Is Changing The Face Of Financial Services

Artificial intelligence (AI) has become integrated into our everyday lives. It powers what we see in our social media newsfeeds, activates facial recognition (to unlock our smartphones), and even suggests music for us to listen to. Machine learning, a subset of AI,...

Cybersecurity Trends And Solutions For The New DecadeNew Year, New Risks: What Can We Expect From The World Of Cybersecurity In 2020?

From tech giants and gamers to politicians and retailers, nobody is safe from today’s mutating threat landscape.  2019 was another frenzied maelstrom of cyberattacks, mitigations, pre-emptions and preventions, with the old (phishing and DDoS et al) rubbing havoc-wreaking shoulders...

The Paradox At The Heart Of Securing Digital Transformation

Whether it is an EPOS system at a fast food venue or large display system at a public transport hub, interactive kiosks are becoming popular and trusted conduits for transacting valuable data with customers. The purpose of interactive kiosks,...

Top Tips For Improving Endpoint Visibility And Control In 2020

In 2019 we saw a steady increase in the number and modes of cyberattacks. In fact, more than half of all British companies reported cyberattacks in the last year alone. To prepare for  2020, Tanium looked into the biggest...

Ransomware Hackers Are Testing Local Governments Demanding Big Payments

Ransomware attacks in the UK are on the rise, how can local governments best prepare for the eventuality of a ransomware hit? Ransomware is a big business for criminals and painfully expensive for companies. More and more cities and local...

7 Real Security Predictions

It seems as everyone as their dog is dishing out predictions, I thought it’s about time I threw my hat into the ring. Having been an analyst, a practitioner, a consultant, and a genius (according to my youngest) who...

The Grinch Bot That Stole Christmas

We’ve all heard of the boogie man that steals children in the night-time. It’s been giving kids nightmares for years. Now, we have something that will give their parents a scare during the next few weeks. It’s the Grinch-bot...

Are Security And Customer Experience Mutually Exclusive For Banks?

As the risks posed by data breaches and the needs of customers evolve at an ever-accelerating pace, many financial institutions are struggling to find the perfect balance between security and flawless customer experience.  A crucial priority for any bank...

Now Accepting Credit Cards And Email Addresses: Why Personal Data Has Become Currency

Retail experiences are constantly changing, with shoppers using an ever-growing list of methods to find, buy and collect products. From paying with cash to biometric authentication, consumers have never had so much choice in how to complete purchases. But...

Why Holiday Season = Hacking Season

The amount and variety of cyber threats is constantly increasing. Although awareness among potential victims is on the rise, attackers continue to develop more sophisticated threats and the drivers to hack become more dominant as the potential gain from...

Poll Hacks: How Cybercriminals Aim To Disrupt Elections

The UK general election is almost upon us, and it is already turning into one of the most divisive and analysed political events in the country’s history.  Discourse and debate are reaching fever pitch, from parliamentary benches and constituency...

How To Stay One Step Ahead In Retail’s Shifting Cybersecurity Landscape

New advancements in technology are changing the retail industry in unprecedented ways, further blending the physical and digital worlds and forever evolving customer experience. As the industry changes, so do the methods cybercriminals use to steal sensitive data from...

Defender Confidence On The Rise In A Maturing UK Cyber Threat Landscape

Looking at the headlines around cyberattacks and security breaches, we’d be forgiven for thinking that organisations face an insurmountable cybersecurity task. However, when we delve deeper into the UK cybersecurity landscape, a more nuanced picture emerges. In fact, there...

Why Sandboxing Is A More-than-worthwhile Addition To Your Network Protection

To anyone unfamiliar with the term, ‘sandboxing’ might sound like something that toddlers would like to do at nursery school – or maybe a specialist one-to-one combat beach sport. It’s neither, of course. Sandboxing is actually the term the...

Shining A Spotlight On UK Cyber Security Standards

Public sector organisations in the UK are in the midst of changing cyber security regulations. In mid-2018, the Government, in collaboration the NCSC, published a minimum set of cyber security standards. These standards are now mandated, along with a...

DEF CON China conference put on hold due to coronavirus outbreak

DEF CON team is hoping that the 2019-nCoV outbreak will improve and they can go on as planned, or reschedule.
The Register

Remember the Clipper chip? NSA’s botched backdoor-for-Feds from 1993 still influences today’s encryption debates

We'll laugh at today's mandated holes in the same way we laugh at those from 25 years ago Enigma  More than a quarter century after its introduction, the failed rollout of hardware deliberately backdoored by the NSA is still...

Average Ransomware Payments More Than Doubled in Q4 2019

Ransomware attackers collected an average of around $84,000 from victim organizations, up from $41,000 in Q3 of 2018, Coveware says.
The Security Ledger

Seven Years Later, Scores of EAS Systems sit Un-patched, Vulnerable

Two years after a false EAS alert about an incoming ICBM sowed terror in Hawaii, and seven years after security researchers warned about insecure, Internet connected Emergency Alert System (EAS) hardware, scores of the devices across the U.S. remain...

One Small Fix Would Curb Stingray Surveillance

The technology needed to limit stingrays is clear—but good luck getting telecoms on board.