Tuesday, March 2, 2021

Three Reasons The Security Industry Is Protecting The Wrong Thing

Why is it that the security industry talks about network security, but data breaches? It’s clear that something needs to change, and according to Paul German, CEO, Certes Networks, the… The ISBuzz Post: This Post Three Reasons The Security Industry...

Preparing For Tomorrow – Why Weathering The Initial Covid-19 Storm Isn’t Enough For Security

The Covid-19 pandemic already presented a robust security challenge. As organisations rushed to adapt to remote working during lockdown, they also had to act quickly to shut down new security… The ISBuzz Post: This Post Preparing For Tomorrow – Why...

The Cybersecurity Disconnect: Remote Working Highlights The Need For Improved Communication, Policy And Strategy

As a vast portion of UK employees continue to be restricted to at-home working, the buck of keeping digital devices secure seemingly once again stops with the remote workforce. However, with survey findings showing that almost a third of UK workers believe security… The ISBuzz Post: This Post The Cybersecurity Disconnect: Remote Working...

For FIPS Sake – Smashing The iStorage DiskAshur PRO

Over the last two/three years, when chatting with clients, or delivering training, there has been occasions when the following question has come up: ‘How do I know FIPS/140-2 encrypted drives… The ISBuzz Post: This Post For FIPS Sake – Smashing...

Five Solutions To The Information Security Skills Crisis

The dearth of talent entering the cybersecurity industry paints a worrying picture. There is an acute skill shortage of three million unfilled roles according to (ISC)2’s 2020 Cybersecurity Workforce Study.… The ISBuzz Post: This Post Five Solutions To The Information...

Tightening Security In The Evolving Hybrid Workplace Environment

The work-from-home (WFH), remote work environment is here to stay. However, it is now evolving to one in which employees will be routinely toggling between onsite and multiple remote work… The ISBuzz Post: This Post Tightening Security In The Evolving...

How Businesses Can Look To Prepare For The Long-term Cyber Security Impacts Of COVID-19

From securing remote devices, to the need for multi-factor authentication, the pandemic has brought the value of cybersecurity to life. Countless cyber threats have emerged and grown as criminals have… The ISBuzz Post: This Post How Businesses Can Look To...

Keeping The COVID-19 Supply Chain Secure

Reports that COVID-19 vaccines are transported under armed guard in Europe emphasise how supply chains are increasingly targeted by criminals. In January 2021, it was reported that the mafia was… The ISBuzz Post: This Post Keeping The COVID-19 Supply Chain...

Test, Test And Test Some More – The Importance Of DR Testing!

With Gartner estimating that the average cost of network downtime is $5,600 per minute or $336,000 per hour, few would argue that regular testing of a robust disaster recovery (DR)… The ISBuzz Post: This Post Test, Test And Test Some...

How Can IAM Help To Secure The Hybrid Workforce?

As we find ourselves under lockdown for a third time, a return to the office looks unlikely for the foreseeable future. Even when businesses do begin to reopen their doors,… The ISBuzz Post: This Post How Can IAM Help To...

Security Predictions For 2021: The Return Of Deepfakes And Malicious Insiders

Right now, it’s challenging to look forward to what 2021 will bring with any degree of clarity – even from a business context. Covid-19 has already altered nearly every aspect… The ISBuzz Post: This Post Security Predictions For 2021: The...

Why Pressure Tactics Have Become The Latest Tool Used By Cyber Criminals

Companies have developed new methods of keeping valuable data safe from cyber criminals, but over the last two years these same criminals have gotten smarter, and in turn, are now… The ISBuzz Post: This Post Why Pressure Tactics Have Become...

Safer Internet Day 2021: An Open Letter To All Kids

February 9, 2021 marks the 15th celebration of the international Safer Internet Day. This year’s theme “Together for a better internet” is more important than ever before. 2020 was the… The ISBuzz Post: This Post Safer Internet Day 2021: An...

Researchers Call For A Determined Path To Cybersecurity As We Are En Route To Lose The Fight Against Cybercrime

Pierre Delcher, senior security researcher at Kaspersky’s Global Research and Analysis Team (GReAT) on the issues in battling cybercrime and a plan of what we should do to finally start… The ISBuzz Post: This Post Researchers Call For A Determined...

Personal Data And The EU-UK Trade Deal – One Month In

Data protection post-Brexit was not the most polarising subject facing EU and UK trade deal negotiators last year.  It was, however, of fundamental importance for both sides to agree a… The ISBuzz Post: This Post Personal Data And The EU-UK...

Universal Health Services Takes $67 Million Hit From Cyberattack

Healthcare services provider Universal Health Services (UHS) last week revealed that a cyberattack it fell victim to in September 2020 had an estimated financial impact of $67 million. read more

Attacker Expands Use of Malicious SEO Techniques to Distribute Malware

The operators of REvil and Gootkit have begun using a tried and tested technique to distribute additional malware, Sophos says.

Quarter of Healthcare Apps Contain High Severity Bugs

Quarter of Healthcare Apps Contain High Severity Bugs A quarter (25%) of healthcare apps contain high severity flaws, but healthcare organizations (HCOs) are relatively quick to fix them, according to new data from Veracode. The security vendor broke out sector-specific...

Microsoft Teams Issues Major Blow To Zoom With Game-Changing New Security Features

Microsoft Teams has just issued a massive blow to Zoom with the launch of multiple new security features, including the game-changing security feature it was previously lacking.

Kaspersky to Co-Chair Working Group of the Paris Call

Kaspersky to Co-Chair Working Group of the Paris Call Kaspersky has announced it is partnering with Cigref to co-chair the Working Group 6 (WGF) as part of the Paris Call for Trust and Security in Cyberspace initiative. The group...