Wednesday, December 11, 2019
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What Are the Risks of the IoT in Financial Services?

Increased reliance on the internet of things (IoT) is one of the biggest trends in enterprise technology, and the financial services industry is a big part of that trend. And due to the nature of financial business, both the...
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Staying Vigilant About Retail Security Does Not End on Black Friday

According to IBM X-Force Incident Response and Intelligence Services (IRIS) data, the retail service industry is the fourth most attacked industry sector, having made up 11 percent of the total attacks and incidents for the top 10 industries in...
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Public Sector Security Is Lagging — How Can State and Local Governments Better Defend Against Cyberattacks in 2020?

After looking into recent history and current-day security issues that affect federal and local government bodies, IBM X-Force Incident Response and Intelligence Services (IRIS) researchers stress that the state of cybersecurity and resilience in the public sector needs an...
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Buying Tech Gifts for Kids This Year? Here’s How to Keep Children Safe Online

If you’re buying gifts for children, you’ve probably noticed their wish lists have gone high tech. And even if the kids aren’t asking for them, adults are drawn to buying tech gifts for kids because they can be fun...
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3 Ways to Supercharge Identity and Access Management

When we talk about identity and access management (IAM), too often the conversation comes down to an essential trade-off between customer experience and risk. How many hoops will customers jump through before they give up? How much are you...
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How to Choose a Cybersecurity Career Path

Cybersecurity career paths can feel a bit unclear, as our field is a relatively new one. The longer I’m in this industry, the more people ask me how to navigate their way into cybersecurity. This always fills me with...
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6 Tech Gifts for Adults That Are Secure by Design

In this era of hacking, data theft and cybercrime, even the greatest tech gifts for adults can turn your loved one into a Grinch if they get hacked. So this year, don’t just gift your loved ones any old...
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Save Time, Increase Efficiencies and Improve Security With a Modern SIEM

We hear about the challenges encountered daily by security analysts as a result of the widespread skills shortage. Analysts are overworked and overwhelmed with a flood of insights, notifications and alerts. It’s not surprising that burnout and alert fatigue...
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13 Retail Payment Security Tips for Safe 2019 Holiday Shopping

The holiday shopping season is officially upon us, and so is a new seasonal batch of payment security threats. The holiday sales rush spells payday for retail cybercriminals. Eight percent of consumers fell victim to identity theft or fraud during...
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New Destructive Wiper ZeroCleare Targets Energy Sector in the Middle East

IBM X-Force has been researching and tracking destructive malware in the Middle East for some time now, particularly in the industrial and energy sectors. Since the first Shamoon attacks that started impacting organizations in the region in the summer...
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How to Start Building an Insider Threat Program

Sometimes, it only takes one moment — one life-changing incident — for the most trustworthy employee to become an insider threat. As Nick Cavalancia, founder of Microsoft MVP, observed at Spiceworld 2019, malicious user behavior is all about intent. Coming...
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You Don’t Know What You Don’t Know: 5 Best Practices for Data Discovery and Classification

This is the second installment in a two-part series about data discovery and classification. Be sure to read part one for the full story. Discovering and classifying data across the enterprise is crucial to any data protection strategy, but it...
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Measure and Improve the Maturity of Your Incident Response Team

Incident response and management requires continual growth. Your team will not become proficient overnight, and acquiring knowledge, expertise and maturity takes time, effort, training and a lot of practice. It’s also not a single milestone that you reach and...
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Smarter Devices, Smarter Fraud: Overlooked Threats in IoT Security

X-Force Red, IBM Security’s team of hackers, is hired by a variety of companies to find and help fix vulnerabilities exposing their most important assets to potential attacks. One sector that is increasingly looking into the security of their...
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Machine Learning: With Great Power Come New Security Vulnerabilities

Machine learning (ML) has brought us self-driving cars, machine vision, speech recognition, biometric authentication and the ability to unlock the human genome. But it has also given attackers a variety of new attack surfaces and ways to wreak havoc. Machine...
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Pensacola confirms ransomware attack

Pensacola officials confirmed that an ongoing cyberattack that began early Saturday morning is a ransomware attack. While the city did not release any additional details, the Pensacola News Journal said city spokeswoman Kaycee Lagarde confirmed the attack included a ransom, something that...

Trickbot Operators Now Selling Attack Tools to APT Actors

North Korea's Lazarus Group - of Sony breach and WannaCry fame - is among the first customers.
Brian Krebs

The Great $50M African IP Address Heist

A top executive at the nonprofit entity responsible for doling out chunks of Internet addresses to businesses and other organizations in Africa has resigned his post following accusations that he secretly operated several companies which sold tens of millions...

Intel Issues Fix for ‘Plundervolt’ SGX Flaw

Researchers were able to extract AES encryption key using SGX's voltage-tuning function.

How to stop spam calls right now

Spam calls drive us all crazy. Here are four ways to stop robocalls and other unsolicited phone calls.