Tuesday, August 3, 2021
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5 Ways to Increase Password Safety

You make password decisions every week. Maybe you create a new account, reset a password or respond to a password change prompt. And each time you make a seemingly small or insignificant mistake in regard to password safety, such...
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Building Effective Business Cases to Cover Cybersecurity Costs

With the global average cost of a data breach totaling $3.86 million in 2020, the topic of security continues to be a major pressure point and a board-level agenda item. So why do security programs still seem to lack...
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July 2021 Security Intelligence Roundup: Ransomware, Security by Design and How to Analyze in Windows With Frida

Getting and staying ahead of threat actors means knowing the cybersecurity landscape. Today, that still often means ransomware and changing the ways and places we work. July’s top stories include a supply chain attack from the REvil ransomware gang...
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Data Breach Costs at Record High, Zero Trust, AI and Automation Help Reduce Costs

Data breaches have been growing in numbers and scale, taking longer to detect and contain. The average total cost of a data breach is at its highest of 17 years, at $4.24 million. The year over year increase of...
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What’s New in the 2021 Cost of a Data Breach Report

Has cybersecurity ever been more important than it is right now? Even in these extraordinary times, with its focus on manufacturing vaccines and getting shots into arms, new research in the Cost of a Data Breach Report shows that...
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Double Encryption: When Ransomware Recovery Gets Complicated

Ever hear of double extortion? It’s a technique increasingly employed by ransomware attackers. A malware payload steals a victim’s plaintext information before launching its encryption routine. Those operating the ransomware then go on to demand two ransoms — one...
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How AI Will Transform Data Security

I’ve often wondered whether artificial intelligence (AI) in cybersecurity is a good thing or a bad thing for data security. Yes, I love the convenience of online stores suggesting the perfect items for me based on my search history,...
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API Abuse Is a Data Security Issue Here to Stay

Just about every app uses an application programming interface (API). From a security standpoint, though, APIs also come with some common problems. Gartner predicted that API abuse will be the most common type of attack seen in 2022. So,...
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Thriving in Chaos: How Cyber Resilience Works

In cybersecurity as in most jobs, problems don’t happen one at a time, you’re bound to have a few at once. Speakers at the RSA Conference 2021 talked about this in terms of maintaining cyber resilience in chaos. So,...
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This Chat is Being Recorded: Egregor Ransomware Negotiations Uncovered

Ransomware attacks are topping the charts as the most common attack type to target organizations with a constant drumbeat of attacks impacting industries across the board. In fact, IBM Security X-Force has seen a more than 10% increase in...
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Beyond Ransomware: Four Threats Facing Companies Today

The recent DarkSide attack makes it clear: no system is safe from ransomware. And while the attackers say they weren’t out to hurt anyone, only to make money, the impact is the same. It could lead to potential disruptions...
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How to Fix the Big Problems With Two-Factor and Multifactor Authentication

Getting a second opinion is a great idea in both medicine and end-user cybersecurity. Two-factor authentication (2FA) and multifactor authentication (MFA) are powerful tools in the fight against all kinds of cyberattacks that involve end-user devices and internet-based services. There’s...
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Avoid Blind Spots: Is Your Incident Response Team Cloud Ready?

The year 2020 — with all its tumult — ushered in a massive shift in the way most companies work. Much of that transformation included migrating to cloud, with some statisticians reporting that a full 50% of companies across...
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How Data Discovery and Zero Trust Can Help Defend Against a Data Breach

As more companies start to use the cloud, the threat of a data breach and the rules and fines that go with it has only grown. Therefore, companies and agencies need to anticipate and adapt to their changing data...
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Two (or More) Is Better Than One: Digital Twin Tech for Cybersecurity

Throughout my lifetime, I’ve wondered on many occasions how my life would have changed had I made a different decision at a critical point — picked a different college, taken a different job or moved to another town. I’ve...

Google Patches High-Risk Android Security Flaws

Google this week pushed out a security-themed Android update with fixes for more than 30 security flaws that expose mobile users to a range of malicious hacker attacks. The latest Android update provides documentation on 33 security bugs, some serious...

Mismanagement Driving Cybersecurity Skills Gap: Research

“To some extent, this data supports the theory that the cybersecurity skills shortage is related to mismanagement rather than a dearth of qualified candidates or advanced skills.” read more

Linux Kernel Security Done Right

Posted by Kees Cook, Software Engineer, Google Open Source Security TeamTo borrow from an excellent analogy between the modern computer ecosystem and the US automotive industry of the 1960s, the Linux kernel runs well: when driving down the highway,...

Raccoon Stealer Bundles Malware, Propagates Via Google SEO

An update to the stealer-as-a-service platform hides in pirated software, pilfers crypto-coins and installs a software dropper for downloads of more malware.

SAP Customer Survey Reveals False Sense of Security

Many SAP customers have a false sense of security, according to a new report from risk management consultancy Turnkey Consulting and business-critical application security firm Onapsis. The SAP Security Survey Report 2021 is based on information from over 100 SAP...