Wednesday, February 20, 2019

How Deception Technology Gives You The Upper Hand In Cybersecurity

Deception offers an effective way to detect attacks in progress, with no false positives. It alters the balance of power between attacker and target, giving companies the upper hand in combating both external and internal threats.

California Revives Stronger Net Neutrality Bill After Public Backlash

After outcry over a hollowed-out version, California lawmakers are moving forward with a restored bill to protect state consumers without federal rules.

Facial Recognition And Future Scenarios

Will facial recognition technologies mean we will be permanently under surveillance in the future? Should schools and colleges be teaching children how this technology works? Or should we just ignore this technology as if it wasn’t happening? Are there...

HashiCorp Takes Security Up A Level With Consul Connect

HashiCorp adds security features to Consul in a bid to take security-at-scale to a higher level of abstraction.

‘Disturbing’ Smartphone Hacks Hit Saudi Activists Via WhatsApp

As many as 175 cases of individuals targeted with dangerous Israeli-made malware, according to one figure. In the latest case, a WhatsApp message laced with the Pegasus spyware was sent to an Amnesty International researcher.

Why I Switched To The Samsung Galaxy S9+ As My Primary Phone

Analyst Patrick Moorhead is making the switch to the Samsung Galaxy S9+. Here are his thoughts.

IBM’s HR Chief Shares Best Advice On The Future Of Work

IBM Chief of Human Resources Diane Gherson shares her best career advice and the future of work.

The Evolving Enterprise Calculus Of Public Cloud Versus Private Infrastructure

There is clear enterprise consensus that hybrid cloud is the appropriate long-term strategic approach to best leverage cloud computing. There has been much less consensus in decision-making on the underlying use of public cloud versus private infrastructure for individual...

200,000 Routers Turned Into Mindless Crypto Coin Mining Zombies

A malware infection is targeting people's routers and it's forcing them to mine for cryptocurrency.

Artificial Intelligence, Gates, Rockefeller, Sloan, Carnegie & Ford Can Defeat Bad Social Media

Fake news, conspiracies, and outright lies (FCL) intended to undermine US institutions and the US culture are exploding in social media. Artificial intelligence (AI) can help identify FCL when they occur and counter-attack in real-time with evidence. ...

Supply Chain Attacks Increase As Cybercriminals Focus On Exploiting Weak Links

A new report from CrowdStrike highlights the growing risk of supply chain attacks and how unprepared most organizations are to detect or respond to them.

These Are The Five Most Dangerous Email Attachments

Your email inbox can be a dangerous place to navigate, particularly if you don't know how to spot a suspicious message.

Facebook Violates Trust of ‘Private’ Patient Groups

Thousands of women who carry mutations in the genes BRCA1 and BRCA2 and joined ‘private’ Facebook groups recently learned that their groups were vulnerable to a Chrome plug-in that allowed marketers to discover group members’ names and other private...

Cryptojacking Displaces Ransomware As Most Popular Cyberthreat

Cryptojacking can no longer operate under the covers. Every CISO must understand the significance of this threat, and rank cryptojacking among the top cyberthreats facing the enterprise. Complacency is no excuse.

IBM’s 2018 Data Breach Study Shows Why We’re In A Zero Trust World Now

U.S. based breaches are the most expensive globally, costing on average $7.91M with the highest global notification cost as well, $740,000. A typical data breach costs a company $3.86M, up 6.4% from $3.62M last year.

Can you really sniff out gas station card skimmers with your phone?

A viral post suggests (wrongly) that card skimmers always use Bluetooth. Anyway, just looking at nearby Bluetooth names doesn't help much...

Canada Helping Australia Determine ‘Full Extent’ of Hack

Canada's electronic eavesdropping agency said Wednesday it is working with Canberra to try to determine the scale of computer hacking on Australia's parliament and political parties just months from an election. read more

Researcher: Not Hard for a Hacker to Capsize a Ship at Sea

Maritime transport still contributes in an important way to the world’s economy, with on-time shipments influencing everything from commodities availability and spot pricing to the stability of small countries. Unfortunately, capsizing a ship with a cyberattack is a relatively...
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30 years in: My, how SC and security have changed

1989. Acid wash jeans, Bon Jovi and the compassionate conservatism of the Reagan Era were actually, unironically popular. The Berlin Wall fell, free elections were held in the then Soviet Congress of Deputies, Vaclev Havel became president of Czechoslavakia,...

WinPot ATM Malware Resembles a Slot Machine

A piece of malware targeting automated teller machines (ATMs) has an interface that looks like a slot machine, Kaspersky Lab reports.  Dubbed WinPot, the malware was initially detected in March last year, targeting the ATMs of a popular vendor to...