Tuesday, October 23, 2018

Russian Spy Agency Hits Back At Telegram In Appeals Court

Crypto's favorite app faces FSB's wrath in a Russian appeals court. Guess who'll win?

Pentagon Bans GPS Fitness Apps, Says They’re ‘Significant Risk’ To Troops

After concerns were raised earlier this year, the Pentagon has banned military troops and other workers at sensitive sites from using fitness trackers and other applications that can reveal the user's location.

IBM’s HR Chief Shares Best Advice On The Future Of Work

IBM Chief of Human Resources Diane Gherson shares her best career advice and the future of work.

The Evolving Enterprise Calculus Of Public Cloud Versus Private Infrastructure

There is clear enterprise consensus that hybrid cloud is the appropriate long-term strategic approach to best leverage cloud computing. There has been much less consensus in decision-making on the underlying use of public cloud versus private infrastructure for individual...

200,000 Routers Turned Into Mindless Crypto Coin Mining Zombies

A malware infection is targeting people's routers and it's forcing them to mine for cryptocurrency.

Fight Fake Facebook, Twitter & Google With AI, Gates, Rockefeller, Sloan, Carnegie & Ford

Fake news, conspiracies, and outright lies (FCL) intended to undermine US institutions and the US culture are exploding in social media. Artificial intelligence (AI) can help identify FCL when they occur and counter-attack in real-time with evidence. ...

Supply Chain Attacks Increase As Cybercriminals Focus On Exploiting Weak Links

A new report from CrowdStrike highlights the growing risk of supply chain attacks and how unprepared most organizations are to detect or respond to them.

These Are The Five Most Dangerous Email Attachments

Your email inbox can be a dangerous place to navigate, particularly if you don't know how to spot a suspicious message.

Samsung Sneaks Out Sexy New Galaxy Tab 4 Prior To Unpacked Event

Today, Samsung launched the Galaxy Tab S4, a premium Android tablet with DeX capabilities and new S Pen, but also is consistent with its solid entertainment features like high PPI displays, quad speakers, and Dolby Atmos support. Here are...

‘Disturbing’ Smartphone Hacks Hit Saudi Activists Via WhatsApp

As many as 175 cases of individuals targeted with dangerous Israeli-made malware, according to one figure. In the latest case, a WhatsApp message laced with the Pegasus spyware was sent to an Amnesty International researcher.

Facebook Boots More Covert ‘Bad Actors’ While Leaving Others In Plain Sight

Facebook announced it has deleted 32 pages linked to disinformation and political interference; unfortunately, the platform's chock full of them.

GAO Slams IRS For Negligence In Protecting Taxpayers From ID Theft

“Because individuals may be allowed inappropriate access to restricted areas, IRS has reduced assurance that its computing resources and sensitive information are protected from unauthorized access,” GAO said in the report.

The Most Influential Person In UK IT Discusses Digital Transformation

For the past four years, Mayank Prakash has been the Chief Information and Digital Officer of UK’s Department for Work and Pensions, which looks after children with separated parents, the working class, people with disabilities, and retirees to produce...

IBM’s 2018 Data Breach Study Shows Why We’re In A Zero Trust World Now

U.S. based breaches are the most expensive globally, costing on average $7.91M with the highest global notification cost as well, $740,000. A typical data breach costs a company $3.86M, up 6.4% from $3.62M last year.

Chinese Hackers Are Attacking Government Agencies Via Snail Mail

Why bother with sophisticated hacks over the Internet if you can trick someone into infecting themselves the old fashioned way?

Japan Orders Facebook to Improve Data Protection

The Japanese government on Monday ordered Facebook to improve protection of users' personal information following data breaches affecting tens of millions of people worldwide. read more

If Facebook buys a security company, how will it retain the staff who absolutely hate Facebook?

According to reports, Facebook is planning to acquire a cybersecurity firm. But what will the security boffins think of working for Mark Zuckerberg of all people?
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jQuery? More like preyQuery: File upload tool can be exploited to hijack at-risk websites

Flaw present for the past eight years, easy to exploit, and there are thousands of forks A serious vulnerability in a widely used, and widely forked, jQuery file upload plugin may have been exploited for years by hackers to...

Watch how a Tesla Model S was stolen with just a tablet

Criminals were able to dupe the Tesla’s passive entry system into giving them access, and letting them drive away. (But only after they struggled to unplug it.)

Facebook Rumored to Be Hunting for Major Cybersecurity Acquisition

Goal appears both a bid to bolster its own security and its tattered reputation for privacy, according to reporting by The Information.