Wednesday, October 27, 2021

Iran’s Gas Stations Stop Pumping After Hack, State Media Reports

Iran’s gas stations were thrown into chaos earlier today, after an alleged hack targeted pumps in cities across the country, according to state media.

FBI Given Power To Unlock Capitol Riot Suspect Phone With His Fingerprint

January 6 investigators get a warrant to open devices using a defendant’s fingerprint. Though he’d been accused of assaulting officers with pepper spray, forced fingerprint unlocks remain a legally-questionable power.

Russia-Linked Hackers Are Targeting U.S. Computer Networks In Massive Operation, Microsoft Warns

The Russia-linked group known as NOBELIUM has been targeting government and private organizations based in the U.S. and Europe since May 2021.

Millions Of Patient Health Records Now At Risk Through Unregulated API’s

Over the course of about a year, a single ethical hacker was able to access millions of patient health records and expose systemic risks in software that are effectively outside the legal jurisdiction of the Health Information Portability and...

MORE Alarming Cybersecurity Stats For 2021 !

The number of data breaches In 2021 have soared past that of 2020. Just when we thought it could not get much worse from a cybersecurity perspective, it did.

Why You Should Delete Your Facebook App

New warning as Facebook app is suddenly caught secretly 'spying' on millions of iPhone users…

Honeywell’s Anthem System Connects The Cockpit To The Cloud For Returns That Come With Risk

Honeywell Aerospace is touting the benefits of its new “Anthem” flight deck system, an “always-on” cloud connectivity platform. But whether connecting the cockpit of a bizjet or Urban Air Mobility vehicle to the internet 24/7 provides sufficient benefit to...

Ransomware Tactics To Quickly Collect Money From Victims

Here is a list of intricate pressure mechanisms aiming to subdue non-paying companies and turn the tide of ransom negotiations.

Hackers Tempt YouTube Influencers With Fake Collacoration Deals To Hijack Their Accounts

According to Google's Threat Analysis Group, over the last six months it's blocked 1.6 million phishing messages offering cash in return for product promotion, and has restored almost 4,000 accounts.

Candy Maker’s Operations Disrupted By Ransomware With Halloween Just Around The Corner

Is trick or treat season the worst time for a candy maker to get hit by a ransomware attack?

Watch Out: Squid Game Malware Hits Google Play As Hundreds Of Unofficial Apps Flood Store

Netflix's global hit Squid Game has inspired a host of unofficial apps from money-hungry Android developers, including those making malware targeting the unwary.

iPhone 13 Pro Hacked: Chinese Hackers Suddenly Break iOS 15.0.2 Security

Over the course of one weekend, Chinese hackers have managed to hack a fully patched iPhone 13 Pro running iOS 15. Twice.

Weaponized Windows Attacks Confirmed: Update 7, 8, 10 And Server Now

Weaponized 'MysterySnail' attacks confirmed. Here's what Windows users need to know.

How To Get WhatsApp’s Stunning New Update On Your Phone

WhatsApp's best upgrade in years is now available to install—start using it today...

iOS 15.0.2: Why Apple Is Issuing Emergency iPhone Updates

Apple’s iOS 15.0.2 is the latest in a barrage of emergency updates this year. Is your iPhone less safe?
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China Telecom booted out of USA as Feds worry it could disrupt or spy on local networks

FCC urges more action against Huawei and DJI, too The US Federal Communications Commission (FCC) has terminated China Telecom's authority to provide communications services in the USA.…

150 People Arrested in US-Europe Darknet Drug Probe

Law enforcement officials in the U.S. and Europe have arrested 150 people and seized more than $31 million in an international drug trafficking investigation stemming from sales on the darknet, the Justice Department said Tuesday. read more

Free Tool Helps Security Teams Measure Their API Attack Surface

Data Theorem's free API Attack Surface Calculator helps security teams understand potential API exposures.

SquirrelWaffle Loader Malspams, Packing Qakbot, Cobalt Strike

Say hello to what could be the next big spam player: SquirrelWaffle, which is spreading with increasing frequency via spam campaigns and infecting systems with a new malware loader.

North Korea's Lazarus Group Turns to Supply Chain Attacks

State-backed group is among a growing number of threat actors looking at supply chain companies as an entry point into enterprise networks.