Tuesday, August 3, 2021

How American Law Lets Feds Spy On WhatsApp Without Needing To Say Why

Pen registers let governments keep tabs on who WhatsApp users are talking with, when and what IP addresses they’re using, and they don’t have to give judges a full explanation as to why. The same goes for surveillance on...

An Incredibly Simple Trick Can Help Make Your Phone More Secure

There’s a very good reason members of Congress were being advised to make a habit of regularly powering down their phones.

Apple’s iMessage Soundly Beaten By WhatsApp’s Stunning New Update

One billion iPhone users have just been given a sudden reason to quit iMessage...

Why You Suddenly Need To Delete Gmail On Your iPhone

Hundreds of millions of iPhone users should delete the Gmail app after tracking warning...

Apple Reveals How iPhones And Macs Could Add Stunning New Feature

Apple patents have revealed how stunning new features could be added to iPhones and Macs in the near future.

Security Researchers Issue New Windows 11 Warning

Microsoft has confirmed the availability of the first Windows 11 beta version, but security researchers issue a timely warning

Meet Paragon: An American-Funded, Super-Secretive Israeli Surveillance Startup That ‘Hacks WhatsApp And Signal’

NSO has a new competitor, one cofounded by the former commander of Israel’s NSA equivalent, Unit 8200. It’s promising to only sell to democratic regimes.

Repressive Governments Exploit Covid To Clamp Down On Freedom Of Expression

Governments around the world are using the Covid pandemic as an excuse to ban protests, imprison journalists and silence whistleblowers, according to a new report.

Instagram Influencer Hushpuppi Pleads Guilty To Money Laundering

Ramon ‘Hushpuppi’ Abbas, the self-appointed ‘Billionaire Gucci Master,’ is now waiting to be sentenced after admitting to money laundering charges.

Think Your Data Is Secure? Think Again.

If Google and Apple can't keep their software secure, what chance do YOU have?! Defence in depth - utilising multiple techniques - can help, but you need diversity across those techniques. Confidential Computing is a powerful and novel weapon...

What Is Authentication And How Does It Work?

We are all accustomed to identifying ourselves to law enforcement or banks by presenting some kind of identification, either our ID or our social security number. When it comes to computer systems, either on-premises or in the cloud, individuals...

Anxious To Try Windows 11? Watch Out For Malware!

A lot of people are understandably eager to try out the software that will eventually replace Windows 10 — and some are learning the hard way that you should stick to downloading software from official channels.

iOS 14.7.1: Apple Issues Urgent iPhone Update With Important Security Fixes

Apple has just issued iOS 14.7.1—an urgent update that comes with an “important” security fix for an issue already being used by adversaries to attack iPhones.

Shortcomings With Financial Market Infrastructure Companies’ Business Continuity And Cybersecurity Plans Need To Be Resolved

With rising climate change and cybersecurity risks, which can significantly disrupt financial institutions, legislators and financial regulators urgently need to be more focused on financial markets infrastructure companies (FMIs).

Pegasus Spyware: This New App Says It Can Instantly Check For Pegasus

Pegasus spyware might be becoming a bit easier to find, because iVerify has added the capability to detect the malware to its smartphone app.

Linux Kernel Security Done Right

Posted by Kees Cook, Software Engineer, Google Open Source Security TeamTo borrow from an excellent analogy between the modern computer ecosystem and the US automotive industry of the 1960s, the Linux kernel runs well: when driving down the highway,...

Raccoon Stealer Bundles Malware, Propagates Via Google SEO

An update to the stealer-as-a-service platform hides in pirated software, pilfers crypto-coins and installs a software dropper for downloads of more malware.

SAP Customer Survey Reveals False Sense of Security

Many SAP customers have a false sense of security, according to a new report from risk management consultancy Turnkey Consulting and business-critical application security firm Onapsis. The SAP Security Survey Report 2021 is based on information from over 100 SAP...

BazarCaller – the malware gang that talks you into infecting yourself

Calling someone back feels safer than clicking an unknown link... but it isn't! Remind your friends and family.

‘DeadRinger’ Targeted Exchange Servers Long Before Discovery

Cyberespionage campaigns linked to China attacked telecoms via ProxyLogon bugs, stealing call records and maintaining persistence, as far back as 2017.