Tuesday, March 31, 2020

What Needs To Be In A CIO’s Communication Framework For COVID-19

CIOs are keeping the digital lifelines open for every business while enabling employees, customers, partners, and suppliers to continue working during the COVID-19 pandemic

COVID 19 – The New IT Reality

The impact of COVID 19 on enterprise IT is significant and cause for a pause to consider what is changing daily.

Are Your Zoom Chats Private? Here’s Why You Should Think Before Opening The App

Apps such as Zoom are free for a reason. Here's why you should think before using the popular video conferencing app...

It’s Worryingly Easy To Spam Fake Government Coronavirus Warnings Direct To Populations’ Phones

It’s much too easy to create legitimate-looking government warnings and mass-spam worried citizens, as proven by a security researcher.

AI Stats News: 34% Of Employees Expect Their Jobs To Be Automated In 3 Years

Recent quantitative assessments of the impact of AI highlight the precarious nature of the future of work (long after the coronavirus pandemic ends), the continuing mixed attitudes of consumers about data privacy, and the possible resilience of this year’s...

Criminals Resurrect A Banking Trojan To Push COVID-19 Relief Payment Scam

Malware that went dormant three years is making a comeback and it's preying on Coranivirus fears.

Seven Simple Strategies To Guard Against CEO Fraud

There are some common red flags to watch for and some core security measures you can put in place to drastically reduce the chance of a successful attack.

IoT Threats And What To Do About Them

As the adoption of the internet of things (IoT) grows, so do legitimate security concerns about this technology. In 2018, Kaspersky honeypots identified 105 million attacks targeting smart devices.

Has Houseparty Been Sabotaged? $1 Million Reward Offered After Hacking Claims Go Viral

Houseparty is offering a $1 million reward for the first person to prove sabotage is behind the hacking rumors that have gone viral on social media

Forget China’s ‘Excessive’ Coronavirus Surveillance—This Is America’s Surprising Alternative

It turns out the U.S. has a ready-made coronavirus surveillance system to track people and their compliance with government instructions.

Johnson & Johnson Is Already Ramping Up Production On Its $1 Billion Coronavirus Vaccine

The pharma giant aims to be ready to go to market immediately once its vaccine has been tested and approved by the FDA. Its vaccine could be ready early next year.

The Most Outrageously Awesome Ways Tech Companies Are Helping In Times Of The Covid-19 Crisis

#1-ranked industry analyst Patrick Moorhead pointz out how some tech companies have impacted the COVID-19 crisis and what they have done to prevent it from spreading.

HP Inc. Bolsters Its Cybersecurity Offerings With New Endpoint Protection

#1-ranked industry analyst Patrick Moorhead takes a look into HP as the company took things a big step further, with the unveiling of several new PC endpoint security offerings.

Four Steps To Take Control Of Your Privacy Management

Yes, you can exercise control over your privacy -- without going off the grid.

Cloud Breaches Don’t Have To Be Inevitable

With the increasing number of enterprises storing sensitive customer, employee and business-critical data in the cloud, it is essential to rethink the way that cybersecurity is to be enforced.

Watering-Holes Target Asian Ethnic Victims with Flash Update Decoy

About 10 compromised websites employ a multi-stage, targeted effort to fingerprint and compromise victims.

OpenWRT is vulnerable to attacks that execute malicious code

Enlarge (credit: OpenWRT) For almost three years, OpenWRT—the open source operating system that powers home routers and other types of embedded systems—has been vulnerable to remote code-execution attacks because updates were delivered over an unencrypted channel and digital...
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Privacy in critical care after telehealth demands jump

As coughs and body aches drive anxious Americans to telemed services in record numbers, relieving the burden on medical facilities stressed to breaking with COVID-19 cases, the subsequent relaxation of privacy requirements puts them at risk of PHI compromises,...

Zoom’s privacy problems are growing as platform explodes in popularity

Enlarge / Zoom's San Jose, Calif., headquarters looks like a lovely place to be socially distanced from. (credit: Smith Collection | Gado | Getty Images) We have several more weeks, if not several more months, to go in...

FBI warns about Zoom bombing as hijackers take over school and business video conferences

Teleconferences are being disrupted by internet trolls shouting profanity and racist remarks and posting pornographic and hate images.