Tuesday, March 2, 2021

So Unchill: Melting UNC2198 ICEDID to Ransomware Operations

Mandiant Advanced Practices (AP) closely tracks the shifting tactics, techniques, and procedures (TTPs) of financially motivated groups who severely disrupt organizations with ransomware. In May 2020, FireEye released a blog post detailing intrusion...

Cyber Criminals Exploit Accellion FTA for Data Theft and Extortion

Starting in mid-December 2020, malicious actors that Mandiant tracks as UNC2546 exploited multiple zero-day vulnerabilities in Accellion’s legacy File Transfer Appliance (FTA) to install a newly discovered web shell named DEWMODE. The motivation of UNC2546 was...

Shining a Light on SolarCity: Practical Exploitation of the X2e IoT Device (Part Two)

In this post, we continue our analysis of the SolarCity ConnectPort X2e Zigbee device (referred to throughout as X2e device). In Part One, we discussed the X2e at a high level, performed initial ...

Shining a Light on SolarCity: Practical Exploitation of the X2e IoT Device (Part One)

In 2019, Mandiant’s Red Team discovered a series of vulnerabilities present within Digi International’s ConnectPort X2e device, which allows for remote code execution as a privileged user. Specifically, Mandiant’s research focused on SolarCity’s (now owned...

Phishing Campaign Leverages WOFF Obfuscation and Telegram Channels for Communication

FireEye Email Security recently encountered various phishing campaigns, mostly in the Americas and Europe, using source code obfuscation with compromised or bad domains. These domains were masquerading as authentic websites and stole personal information such...

Training Transformers for Cyber Security Tasks: A Case Study on Malicious URL Prediction

Highlights        Perform a case study on using Transformer models to solve cyber security problems Train a Transformer model to detect malicious URLs under multiple training regimes Compare our ...

Emulation of Kernel Mode Rootkits With Speakeasy

In August 2020, we released a blog post about how the Speakeasy emulation framework can be used to emulate user mode malware such as shellcode. If you haven’t had a chance, give the post...

Remediation and Hardening Strategies for Microsoft 365 to Defend Against UNC2452

In December 2020, FireEye uncovered and publicly disclosed a widespread attacker campaign that is being tracked as UNC2452. In some, but not all, of the intrusions associated with this campaign where Mandiant has visibility, the attacker...

SUNBURST Additional Technical Details

FireEye has discovered additional details about the SUNBURST backdoor since our initial publication on Dec. 13, 2020. Before diving into the technical depth of this malware, we recommend readers familiarize themselves with our blog post about...

Highly Evasive Attacker Leverages SolarWinds Supply Chain to Compromise Multiple Global Victims With SUNBURST Backdoor

Executive Summary We have discovered a global intrusion campaign. We are tracking the actors behind this campaign as UNC2452. FireEye discovered a supply chain attack trojanizing SolarWinds Orion business...

Unauthorized Access of FireEye Red Team Tools

Overview A highly sophisticated state-sponsored adversary stole FireEye Red Team tools. Because we believe that an adversary possesses these tools, and we do not know whether the attacker intends to use the stolen tools themselves or...

Using Speakeasy Emulation Framework Programmatically to Unpack Malware

Andrew Davis recently announced the public release of his new Windows emulation framework named Speakeasy. While the introductory blog post focused on using Speakeasy as an automated malware...

Election Cyber Threats in the Asia-Pacific Region

In democratic societies, elections are the mechanism for choosing heads of state and policymakers. There are strong incentives for adversary nations to understand the intentions and preferences of the people and parties that will shape a...

WOW64!Hooks: WOW64 Subsystem Internals and Hooking Techniques

Microsoft is known for their backwards compatibility. When they rolled out the 64-bit variant of Windows years ago they needed to provide compatibility with existing 32-bit applications. In order to provide seamless execution regardless of application...

In Wild Critical Buffer Overflow Vulnerability in Solaris Can Allow Remote Takeover — CVE-2020-14871

FireEye Mandiant has been investigating compromised Oracle Solaris machines in customer environments. During our investigations, we discovered an exploit tool on a customer’s system and analyzed it to see how it was attacking their Solaris environment....

Dairy Giant Lactalis Targeted by Hackers

France-based dairy giant Lactalis revealed last week that it was targeted by hackers, but claimed that it had found no evidence of a data breach. The company said a malicious third party attempted to breach its computer network, but it...
Graham Cluley

Crypto firm Tether says it won’t pay $24 million ransom after being threatened with document leak

Controversial cryptocurrency developer Tether says it will not give in to extortionists who are demanding a 500 Bitcoin ransom payment (currently worth approximately US $24 million).
Bruce Schneier

Mysterious Macintosh Malware

This is weird: Once an hour, infected Macs check a control server to see if there are any new commands the malware should run or binaries to execute. So far, however, researchers have yet to observe delivery of any payload...

What Did I Just Read? A Conversation With the Authors of '2034'

Elliot Ackerman and Admiral James Stavridis discuss their inspirations, personal experiences, and what keeps them up at night.

2034, Part VI: Crossing the Red Line

“Eventually, the Americans would find them. But by then it would be too late.”