Wednesday, October 27, 2021

Acronis gets deeper into the Apple enterprise with Addigy partnership

The burgeoning enterprise Apple space saw thousands of IT admins virtually attend this week’s JNUC event, and the week tails off with news from Addigy and cybersecurity firm Acronis.Securing the Apple enterprise Addigy has confirmed that its cloud-based Apple device...

Asana takes aim at the enterprise with new workflow features

Asana, a work management platform for teams, today announced the Enterprise Work Graph, a suite of features designed to give greater clarity and flexibility to enterprise workflows. The new capabilities aim to align teams around goals, coordinate workflows across...

Just who is Windows 11 for, anyway?

Seriously, who did Microsoft develop Windows 11 for? Only people who like centered taskbars? Only people who don’t mind “unlearning” how to get into task manager?Maybe not, but I’d argue that Windows 11 wasn’t designed for you and me....

Four zero-day exploits add urgency to October's Patch Tuesday

October brings four zero-day exploits and 74 updates to the Windows ecosystem, including a hard-to-test kernel update (CVE-2021-40449) that requires immediate attention and an Exchange Server update that requires technical skill and due diligence (and a reboot). The testing...

Experts call Apple's CSAM scheme 'a dangerous technology'

Apple’s decision to postpone introduction of its controversial client-side scanning (CSS) CSAM-detection system looks like an even better idea amid news governments already want to use the controversial tools for other forms of surveillance.A 'dangerous technology' In a new report, an...

Windows 11 and the need for better BIOS integration

Disclosure:  The vendors listed are clients of the author.Microsoft DOS and then Windows have gone through several evolutions over the years. When Windows first arrived, it was a User Interface (UI) shell on top of DOS. Then Windows 95...

How to choose the right UEM platform

Endpoint devices have become so ubiquitous, connected, and data-intensive that they are among the most valuable technology assets an organization has today. They’re also some of the biggest security risks. It’s no surprise, then, that managing the large and...

Apple warns: Sideloading apps threatens an iCrime wave

Apple is fighting back against growing pressure to support sideloading on its App Stores with an extensive 28-page white paper in which it offers stark security and privacy warnings.The risks of sideloading The white paper, "Building a Trusted Ecosystem for...

HP Wolf Security: A New Breed of Endpoint Security

As technology evolves, cybercriminals are more sophisticated, organised, and determined than ever. With constant changes in the workplace, how can you safeguard your PCs, printers and people from circling cyber predators? To read this article in full, please click here

Google now tells criminals when Chrome users are 'idle.' What could go wrong?

When Google released Chrome 94 for Android (and desktop), it slipped in some naughty capabilities via an API called Idle Detection.  “The Idle Detection API notifies developers when a user is idle, indicating such things as lack of interaction with...

How one coding error turned AirTags into perfect malware distributors

One of the more frightening facts about mobile IT in 2021 is that simplicity and convenience are far too tempting in small devices (think AppleWatch, AirTags, even rings that track health conditions, smart headphones, etc.). Compared with their laptop and...

How to make sense of Microsoft’s upcoming mail security changes

With Microsoft about to shut off some versions of Outlook from access to Microsoft 365 and Outlook 365 services — that happens Nov. 1 — it’s important to remember this isn’t the only change coming for Outlook. A second...

Apple deepens its engagement in enterprise security

The switch to mobile and remote work exposed grim security realities for many companies during the pandemic, and this seems to be driving change at the very top of the tech tree. For example, Apple has joined the Cyber...

Chrome, Edge kick off faster release cadence; enterprises can skip versions

Google's Chrome and Microsoft's Edge began their every-four-weeks release cadence with the launch last week of version 94 of each browser.Google released Chrome 94 on Sept. 21, while Microsoft issued Edge 94 three days later, on Sept. 24.From those...

On app tracking, both Android and iOS have to do better

Mobile app use continues to climb in enterprises worldwide, and it won’t be long before almost all employee/contractor communications take place over mobile devices. That’s why it’s such a threat to security and compliance that mobile apps have extensive...
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China Telecom booted out of USA as Feds worry it could disrupt or spy on local networks

FCC urges more action against Huawei and DJI, too The US Federal Communications Commission (FCC) has terminated China Telecom's authority to provide communications services in the USA.…

150 People Arrested in US-Europe Darknet Drug Probe

Law enforcement officials in the U.S. and Europe have arrested 150 people and seized more than $31 million in an international drug trafficking investigation stemming from sales on the darknet, the Justice Department said Tuesday. read more

Free Tool Helps Security Teams Measure Their API Attack Surface

Data Theorem's free API Attack Surface Calculator helps security teams understand potential API exposures.

SquirrelWaffle Loader Malspams, Packing Qakbot, Cobalt Strike

Say hello to what could be the next big spam player: SquirrelWaffle, which is spreading with increasing frequency via spam campaigns and infecting systems with a new malware loader.

North Korea's Lazarus Group Turns to Supply Chain Attacks

State-backed group is among a growing number of threat actors looking at supply chain companies as an entry point into enterprise networks.