Thursday, May 19, 2022
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    Spyware Vendors Target Android With Zero-Day Exploits

    New research from Google's Threat Analysis Group outlines the risks Android users face from the surveillance-for-hire industry.
    The Hacker News

    New Bluetooth Hack Could Let Attackers Remotely Unlock Smart Locks and Cars

    A novel Bluetooth relay attack can let cybercriminals more easily than ever remotely unlock and operate cars, break open residential smart locks, and breach secure areas. The vulnerability has to do with weaknesses in the current implementation of Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE),...
    F5 Networks

    K03007515: Linux kernel vulnerabilities CVE-2018-7755 and CVE-2019-14283

    Linux kernel vulnerabilities CVE-2018-7755 and CVE-2019-14283 Security Advisory Security Advisory Description CVE-2018-7755 An issue was discovered in the fd_locked_ioctl function in drivers/block ...

    Researcher Spotlight: Hector Peralta’s Evolution from Popcorn Server to the MSRC Leaderboards

    “The bug bounty literally changed my life. Before this, I had nothing.” Coolest thing he purchased: His first vehicle! Best gift to give: Buying his nephew gaming accessories. Favorite Hacking Companion: His two cats. They’re always by his side...