Tuesday, August 4, 2020
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The Register

As the world descends into madness, it’s good to see some things never change: Monthly Android patches

Qualcomm bugs among the worst – including a critical hole in wireless networking Google has emitted the August edition of its Android software security updates.…

Why multi-factor authentication should be set up for all your services and devices

More than ever, now is the time to make absolutely sure that your services and devices are using the best protection available to keep data secured and away from unauthorized hands.

Decades-Old Email Flaws Could Let Attackers Mask Their Identities

Researchers found 18 exploits that take advantage of inconsistencies in the email plumbing most people never think about.

New Spin on a Longtime DNS Intel Tool

Domain Name Service database service Farsight Security, the brainchild of DNS expert Paul Vixie, celebrates 10 years with new modern features.

WordPress 5.5 Release Candidate 2

The second release candidate for WordPress 5.5 is here! WordPress 5.5 is slated for release on August 11, 2020, but we need your help to get there—if you haven’t tried 5.5 yet, now is the time! You can test the WordPress 5.5 release candidate in two...