Tuesday, August 21, 2018
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The Register

TLS developers should ditch ‘pseudo constant time’ crypto processing

Fixes for Lucky 13-type bugs could still be vulnerable More than five years after cracks started showing in the Transport Layer Security (TLS) network crypto protocol, the author of the "Lucky 13" attack has poked holes in the fixes...

Arista Networks PICs its spot In security

Over the past few years, arguably no vendor has been more disruptive in the networking industry than Arista Networks. The company has an excellent track record of executing on its vision of differentiation through software. Its operating system, EOS...

Why SMS banking is still a bad idea

Bank with Capital One and you can have account information sent to you by text. In March 2017, the bank started piloting Eno, an SMS-based chatbot customers use to check balances, view transactions, and process similar requests. Users love...

What are Amazon Zelkova and Tiros? AWS looks to reduce S3 configuration errors

To help reduce the chance of AWS S3 configuration errors, Amazon is working on two new tools –  Zelkova and Tiros – to provide greater clarity around who has access to your data and resources and what they can...

Securing Microsoft’s Edge browser with Windows Defender Application Guard

Windows Defender Application Guard is a powerful tool that's also a pointer to how future operating systems and applications will interact.