Monday, September 25, 2023
Smashing Security

Heated seats, car privacy, and Graham’s porn video

Do you know what data your car is collecting about you? Do you think it's right for a car manufacturer to collect a subscription to keep your bottom warm? And just why has YouPorn sent an email...
Smashing Security

Bitcoin boo-boo, deepfakes for good, and time to say goodbye to usernames?

Deepfakes are being used for good (perhaps), common usernames could pose a security threat, and someone has paid a $500,000 fee... just to send $1,865.Oh, and our guest mentions Mr Blobby (to the horror of the show's hosts...)All this...
Smashing Security

Catfishing services, bad sports, and another cockup

AI news is bad news, an online service to catch your cheating partner, and an IoT-enabled dick cage fails to keep a grip on its own security.All this and much much more is discussed in the latest edition of...
Smashing Security

The DEA’s crypto calamity, and scammers’ blue tick bonanza

Seized cryptocurrency is stolen from the DEA, blue-ticks are being exploited, a bath full of dollar bills, the comfort offered by an ostrich's head, and how Graham is refusing to call Twitter "X".All this and much much more is...
Smashing Security

Pizza pests, and securing your wearables

Surely you should be able to order pizza without being pestered for sex? And Carole takes a look at the what and why of wearables...All this and more is discussed in the latest edition of the "Smashing Security" podcast...
Smashing Security

AI chat wars, and hacker passwords exposed

AI chatbots are under fire in Las Vegas, the secrets of hackers' passwords are put under the microscope, and Graham reveals (possibly) the greatest TV programme of all time.All this and more is discussed in the latest edition of...
Smashing Security

Acoustic attacks, and the tears of a crypto rapper

Razzlekhan, the self-proclaimed Crocodile of Wall Street, pleads guilty to the biggest crypto laundering scheme in history, and just how safe are you typing while on a Zoom call?Meanwhile, Graham rants about public EV chargers.All this and more is...
Smashing Security

Barbie and the stalking spouse

Carole takes us into the sinister side of Barbie, while Graham describes a stalkerware operation that has been spilling its secrets.All this and more is discussed in the latest edition of the "Smashing Security" podcast by cybersecurity veterans Graham...
Smashing Security

Nudes leak at the plastic surgery, Mali mail mix-up, and WormGPT

Dr 90210 finds himself in a sticky situation after his patients' plastic surgery photos AND more end up in the hands of hackers, emails to the US military end up in the wrong hands, and script kiddies salivate at...
Smashing Security

Boris Johnson’s WhatsApps, and sextorting party girls

Former Prime Minister Boris Johnson wants to hand over his WhatsApp messages - or does he? And a couple of fun-loving girls from Aberdeen have come up with a sinister twist on sextortion scams.All this and more is...
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Deepfake Martin Lewis, and a deadly jog in the park

Going for a jog can be bad for your privacy (but even worse for your health), and Britain's consumer finance champion finds his face is being faked.All this and more is discussed in the latest edition of the "Smashing...
Smashing Security

Pornhub, Barbie dolls, and can you trust a free TV?

Just how much do porn websites know about your sexual peccadillos? How are Barbie dolls involved in identity scams? And would you trust a completely free telly?Oh, and Graham has some opinions to share about "Indiana Jones and the...
Smashing Security

UPS smishing, ChatGPT 101, and storing secret files

UPS delivers some smishing advice (but have they kept something under wraps?), we ask ChatGPT to take a long hard look at itself, and we debate what the penalty should be for taking national secrets home with you.All this...
Smashing Security

Mark’s metaverse for minors, and getting down to business

There's some funny business going on on Google, and Zuckerberg's $14 billion bet on the metaverse is beginning to look a little childish...All this and more is discussed in the latest edition of the "Smashing Security" podcast by cybersecurity...
Smashing Security

Right Royal security threats and MOVEit mayhem

There are shocking revelations about a US Government data suck-up, historic security breaches at Windsor Castle, and the MOVEit hack causes consternation.All this and much much more is discussed in the latest edition of the "Smashing Security" podcast by...
Infosecurity Magazine

Researchers Spot Novel “Deadglyph” Backdoor

Malware is linked to UAE-backed spies
Infosecurity Magazine

Almost US 900 Schools Breached Via MOVEit

National Student Clearinghouse reveals more details of incident

Don’t Get Burned by CAPTCHAs: A Recipe for Accurate Bot Protection

Traditional CAPTCHAs, such as reCAPTCHA, no longer protect online businesses adequately. Real users hate them. Bots bypass them. It's time to upgrade.
The Hacker News

New Report Uncovers Three Distinct Clusters of China-Nexus Attacks on Southeast Asian Government

An unnamed Southeast Asian government has been targeted by multiple China-nexus threat actors as part of espionage campaigns targeting the region over extended periods of time. "While this activity occurred around the same time and in some instances even simultaneously...
The Register

T-mobile exposes some customer data – but don’t call it a breach

PLUS: Trojan hidden in PoC; cyber insurance surge; pig butchering's new cuts; and the week's critical vulns Infosec in brief  T-Mobile has had another bad week on the infosec front – this time stemming from a system glitch that...