Sunday, September 19, 2021

How to Set Up a NAS to Securely Share Files

From file backups to movie streaming, network attached storage drives offer plenty of functions and features.
Security Affairs

The Biden administration plans to target exchanges supporting ransomware operations with sanctions

US Government is expected to issue sanctions against crypto exchanges, wallets, and traders used by ransomware operations to cash out ransom payments. The Biden administration is putting in place all the strategies to disrupt the operations of the ransomware...

Former US Intelligence Operatives Admit They Hacked for UAE

Plus: Remote learning spyware, an AT&T bribery scandal, and more of the week's top security news.
Security Affairs

Expert discloses details and PoC code for Netgear Seventh Inferno bug

A new critical vulnerability in Netgear smart switches can be exploited by an attacker to potentially execute malicious code and take over impacted devices. Researchers provided technical details about a recently addressed critical vulnerability, dubbed Seventh Inferno, in Netgear smart...

A new app helps Iranians hide messages in plain sight

Enlarge / An anti-government graffiti that reads in Farsi "Death to the dictator" is sprayed at a wall north of Tehran on September 30, 2009. (credit: Getty Images) Amid ever-increasing government Internet control, surveillance, and censorship in...